Fae & Folklore | Ep 18

Ever wondered how to work with Faerie energy in your practice? Today, we’re diving down that faerie ring and traversing the wylds to talk about what the fae are (and what they’re not), learn where and how they came about, demystify superstitions, and introduce some (safe!) ways you can start developing a relationship. The Fae can be a powerful addition to your witchcraft – but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Resource Round-Up | Ep 17

We get a lot of questions for recommended resources on various topics, so today’s episode is a round-up of our favorite forms of content, from books to podcasts to videos and more. Most of what we recommend is totally newbie friendly, so if you’re just starting out but aren’t sure where to go first, make sure to take notes!

Eclectic Witchcraft vs Formal Training | Ep 16

What are the pros and cons to eclectic witchcraft versus joining a tradition? How do you know what’s right for you, especially when you’re just starting out? How do you even go about finding a tradition or coven? And if you decide to build your own practice, where do you even start? We’ll cover all the basics and more in today’s episode.

What Type of Witch Are You? | Ep 15

Buzzfeed. Beano. Pop Sugar. Brainfall. These are just a few of the websites promoting quizzes and listicles that will tell you what type of witch you’re destined to be. The belief around these categories or types of witches is so pervasive, it’s one of the most common beginner questions we see. Liz believes there’s value in these labels, while Aradia feels they’re too arbitrary to do anyone any real good. What do you think?

Be Gay, Do Witchcraft | Ep 14

As proud card carrying members of the Alphabet Mafia, Aradia and Liz are excited to talk about the intersection of queerness and spirituality this week – and we only go off the rails a couple times! Join us as we talk about the overlap in the two communities, tips for de-gendering your energy and practice, and have story time where we talk about all the ways in which the gods were hella gay.

Three Tips for Working with Deity | Ep 12

This week, Aradia & Liz are inspired by recent Discord discussions to talk about the gods: how to start a relationship with one, how to not piss them off, the difference between Hermes’ rod and Apollo’s – you know, the important stuff.

Magickal Activism | Ep 11

The world is a rough and scary place right now. Maybe you feel like you want to do something to make a difference, but you don’t have the time, connections, financial resources, or spoons to step up. We get it. Today, Aradia and Liz want to talk about ways you can put your witchcraft where your mouth is to help support causes you care about.

Let’s Talk Tarot! | Ep 10

We’re so excited to welcome a very special guest on today’s episode – our dear friend Brian, professional tarot reader with Two Raven Tarot! We dive right into the history of Tarot, Brian’s personal experiences as a professional tarot reader, how to get started, and a couple tarot myths and misconceptions.