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Buzzfeed. Beano. Pop Sugar. Brainfall. These are just a few of the websites promoting quizzes and listicles that will tell you what type of witch you’re destined to be. The belief around these categories or types of witches is so pervasive, it’s one of the most common beginner questions we see. Liz believes there’s value in these labels, while Aradia feels they’re too arbitrary to do anyone any real good. What do you think?

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Show Notes

Ann Moura’s work with beginner information is so good if you like natural magick, faery lore, and “green” witchcraft. Check her out on her website! (Aradia has a couple of her books and her tarot deck, and they’re all gorgeous.)

Magickal Activism (episode 11)

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Episode Intro
00:00:36 Show Intro
00:00:58 Welcome chat
00:01:56 The Different Types of Witches
00:10:23 What they even mean
00:12:05 Aradia’s Opening Thoughts
00:16:20 The cash for using labels in the “right” way
00:17:12 Witch types as keywords
00:19:29 Its all the same magick, anyway
00:20:00 Too many types to choose!
00:21:50 High School Debate Club 2.0
00:24:34 101 Books & the Green Witchcraft example
00:27:11 Responsible label usage
00:30:58 Your definitions may vary
00:34:17 Order from Chaos
00:35:23 The pros and cons of joining a tradition
00:42:34 Last thoughts
00:43:46 Let us know what you think!

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