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We get a lot of questions for recommended resources on various topics, so today’s episode is a round-up of our favorite forms of content, from books to podcasts to videos and more. Most of what we recommend is totally newbie friendly, so if you’re just starting out but aren’t sure where to go first, make sure to take notes!

(And if you’re a fan of deep sea creatures – or listening to second-hand discomfort – stick around til the end, where Aradia goes off on a science tangent and Liz gives her squid-filled nightmares.)

Do you think we missed any quality resources for new practitioners? Let us know.

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Show Notes







Other Tips:

  • Lean into learning folklore & local mythology for the region you live in, where you’re from, or even where you’re drawn to
  • Stay up to date on physics, botany, anthropology, archaeology, etc
    • CERN is doing amazing things with the theories of the universe
    • We can often learn lots of things about the energetics of plants by their history, how they grow, and where their names come from
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment and build your own UPG – as long as you can explain it and it’s not hurting anyone else and it WORKS, you can work it into your practice

Discord New Moon Circle details:
On or just around the new moon each month, we come together in a dedicated channel to talk about the moon, manifestation, or whatever else strikes our fancy. It’s casual and fun and usually only runs for an hour, so it won’t take up your whole evening. You’re welcome to participate as little or as much as you want, and there’s no pressure to join in. We plan to do them every month! You have to be a member of the Discord to join, but luckily, both the Discord and the monthly circles are 100% free. Plus, this falls into Tip #3!

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 Episode Intro
00:00:38 Show Intro
00:01:00 Welcome notes
00:03:37 Books
00:21:18 Authors
00:25:45 Websites
00:33:14 Podcasts
00:37:17 Tiktoks
00:26:23 Youtube
00:50:21 Other Tips
00:52:42 Liz gives Aradia nightmares (have y’all heard of Big Fin Squid?)
00:54:34 Episode wrap up, come hang out in Discord, and more scary squid squeals

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