Two By Torchlight is a podcast about modern witchcraft and the intersection of magick, science, and pop culture. More than simply a 101 guide, co-hosts Aradia and Lizryth dive deep into the theories of a modern day magickal practice and examine why we believe the things we believe and practice how we practice. Get inspired to think critically and create a unique practice on your own terms, as our veteran witch Aradia helps newbie Liz build hers!

Fun, educational, and approachable, Two By Torchlight is the best resource for new and experienced witches alike to really understand the hows and whys of their practice and start making successful magick!

Debuting Samhain, October 31, 2021, and available on all your favorite podcast streaming platforms, Two By Torchlight aims to become a valued resource in the witchcraft and spiritual communities through it’s combination of entertainment, education, and community support.

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Meet Your Hosts

Aradia started their journey within the craft at the tender age of 12, and being stubborn as a mule, never grew out of the “phase” their family insisted they were going through. Despite being at this for long enough that their practice itself could buy them a drink, Aradia doesn’t claim to know it all. In fact, they’ve made it a point in their life to encourage others to never claim to know it all, to always keep learning, and to think critically about it all – because you should never believe everything you read on the internet. 

As a professional Witch, Aradia can often be found puttering around the new age shop where they work, answering questions, reading tea leaves, sorting crystals, and playing with the herbs – or perhaps stocking product in their own independent Etsy shop. When not there, you may find them on TikTok or Youtube, rambling into a camera about all things witchy, or snuggled in at home with their partner, their cat, and their own little Witchlet, watching movies and playing video games.

Astrology: Pisces Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Libra Rising
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Herb: Rue (Ruta graveolens)
Favorite Myth: it’s a tie between: 1. Prometheus and the Creation of Man, and 2. that time Thor and Loki dress up as women to get Mjolnir back and save Freya’s honor

Connect with Aradia: TikTok | Instagram | YouTube | Etsy | Discord

Aradia is excited for this podcast project because it’s another avenue to reach new witches and encourage their craft – and because podcasts give her more than 60 seconds to talk!

Liz has been interested in Witchcraft since she was young, but has only started seriously practicing in the last few years. She’s picked up info here and there, and researched what she was drawn to, but she knows she has large gaps in her knowledge. One of her current research projects is Tarot. She is a self proclaimed huge nerd, who loves reading, board games, Dungeons & Dragons, and video games.

Astrology: Taurus Sun, Libra Moon, Aries Rising
Favorite Color: also Purple
Favorite Crystal: Amethyst
Favorite Divination Tool: Tarot (but also interested in runes)

Connect with Liz: Twitch | Twitter | TikTok | Discord

Liz is excited for this podcast project because it’s a great chance to learn more and help others learn at the same time.