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Ever wondered how to work with Faerie energy in your practice? Today, we’re diving down that faerie ring and traversing the wylds to talk about what the fae are (and what they’re not), learn where and how they came about, demystify superstitions, and introduce some (safe!) ways you can start developing a relationship. The Fae can be a powerful addition to your witchcraft – but it’s not for the faint of heart.

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Show Notes

Aradia recommends “A Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk”, by Edain McCoy – an in depth and well researched book to learn about the fae and how to work with them.

Some research resources mentioned in the episode:

Resources on the History of the Sidhe & the Tuatha De Danaan:

Thoughts on faeries and iron: https://folklorethursday.com/folklore-of-archaeology/ferrous-friend-foe-iron-became-enemy-fairy-folk/

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Time Stamps

00:00:00 Episode Intro
00:00:41 Show Intro
00:01:03 Welcome notes
00:02:06 The Fae are cool, and we’ve always known it
00:03:48 What Fae are – and what they’re not
00:09:34 Etymology of the word “Fairy”
00:11:19 Different types of fae from all over the world
00: 19:26 Learning to separate factual folklore from fantasy creations
00:22:11 Famous groups of Fae
00:27:33 Places to learn more
00:33:00 Superstitions & common beliefs
00:46:14 Ways to build a relationship with your local fae
00:52:48 Let’s share stories and beliefs about the fae!

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