Three Tips for Working with Deity | Ep 12

This week, Aradia & Liz are inspired by recent Discord discussions to talk about the gods: how to start a relationship with one, how to not piss them off, the difference between Hermes’ rod and Apollo’s – you know, the important stuff.

Magickal Activism | Ep 11

The world is a rough and scary place right now. Maybe you feel like you want to do something to make a difference, but you don’t have the time, connections, financial resources, or spoons to step up. We get it. Today, Aradia and Liz want to talk about ways you can put your witchcraft where your mouth is to help support causes you care about.

Let’s Talk Tarot! | Ep 10

We’re so excited to welcome a very special guest on today’s episode – our dear friend Brian, professional tarot reader with Two Raven Tarot! We dive right into the history of Tarot, Brian’s personal experiences as a professional tarot reader, how to get started, and a couple tarot myths and misconceptions.

Energetic Hygiene | Episode 7

grounding, protecting, and shielding. We go over some of those skills in this episode, but there’s so much to learn; expect follow up episodes in the future!

Winter Folk Magick | Episode 5

Welcome to our episode about making magick during the winter season, and great spells to use with snow! There was some coughing and sniffling during the episode so thank you for your patience. We did try to edit out as much as we could!

Happy Winter Solstice! | Episode 4

Celebrate the Winter Solstice with us as we delve into the mythology, legend, and traditional celebrations of this first day of winter from around the world. We talk about how various cultures practice, where those practices come from, and how you can build your own celebrations that work for you and your family.