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This week, Aradia & Liz are inspired by recent Discord discussions to talk about the gods: how to start a relationship with one, how to not piss them off, the difference between Hermes’ rod and Apollo’s – you know, the important stuff.

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Show Notes

Episode 11: Magickal Activism

Aradia’s Tiktok video on Friday the 13th

The books we mentioned:

A Book of Pagan Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith

A Year of Pagan Prayer, by Barbara Nolan

Awakening The Soul, by John Morgan

The Hermes Thing:
Hermes’ symbol vs the symbol for medicine: the Caduceus is Hermes’ symbol, a staff entwined by two serpents. The Rod of Asclepius is the symbol used in modern medicine, wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, god of medicine and healing, and sometimes used in association with Apollo, the father of Asclepius and another god of healing.

Time Stamps

00:00:15 – Intro Music
00:00:40 – Special Announcement
00:01:06 – Intro Chat
00:04:27 – All the chatting about working with deity
00:06:21 – Our experience working with deity
00:07:51 – clearing up some terminology
00:09:34 – Tip #1: Do Your Research
00:12:51 – Suuuuuper Quick Sidebar, Courtesy of Hermes
00:14:08 – Let’s continue with tip #1
00:16:37 – Tip #2: How will you actually interact with your deity?
00:17:01 – Subtip #1: Building Shrines & Altars
00:19:45 – Subtip #2: Divination
00:22:51 – Exclusive Mini Episode Plug on Patreon
00:23:21 – Subtip #3: Daily Devotionals
00:24:36 – the difference between “working with” a god and “worshipping” a god
00:27:05 – expanding upon the tips thus far
00:28:30 – 3 book suggestions for implementing daily devotional practices
00:29:55 – Tip #3: Keep Records & Notes
00:33:05 – Other things to keep in mind
00:36:40 – Come join us in Discord! and other community interaction requests
00:37:30 – Lucky 13 Giveaway contest deets!
00:39:25 – Until Next Time…

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