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Eclipse Season Survival Guide Two By Torchlight: A Modern Witchcraft Podcast

After an unintended hiatus, we’re back with a new season of magick! First Aradia covers some logistics and show updates (we love you Liz!), and then we dive into the meat and potatoes of the episode. Should we have talked about eclipse season a couple months ago before it happened? Probably. Does that stop you from absorbing the info to prepare for this fall? No way! Learn the basics of what an eclipse is, why it’s meaningful – especially if you’ve always thought they were a bit bunk like Aradia, how you can personalize the energy, and get ideas for spellwork you can cast to make the most of those celestial seasons. You can find the full show notes here.Support the showAs always, you can find detailed show notes on our website, along with resources referenced and important links and media.
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Continuing in the vein of “things new witches most want to know”, Aradia and Lizryth are talking all about what a daily witchcraft practice looks like – from tips and tricks, to incognito spellwork, to the fact that “daily” very often doesn’t actually mean daily. How does witchcraft show up for you in your daily life?

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LizRyth  0:00  
Hello, lovely listeners. Last week we answered some questions from our witchy circles. This week we go into some things that witches can do daily as part of their practice to live their witchiness as part of their busy, or maybe broom closeted lives. I hope you enjoy. 

Aradia  0:14  
Welcome to Two by torchlight where we dive deep and get real about magic in witchcraft, its relationship to science and pop culture, and what it's really like to build a modern practice that's accessible, effective and unique to you. I'm a radio your veteran witch. 

LizRyth  0:27  
And I'm Liz, a newer practitioner, hang out with us round the torchlight as we talk all things woo and witchcraft.

LizRyth  0:36  
Hi, Aradia

Aradia  0:37  
Hey Liz!

LizRyth  0:38  
 How are you doing today? 

Aradia  0:40  
I'm good. 

LizRyth  0:42  
Are you though? 

Aradia  0:43  
lm relaxed I am. I'm relaxed. Because what did we just do this past weekend? 

LizRyth  0:47  
Celebrate Samhain! 

Aradia  0:48  
We were at celebrate Samhain! which is a wonderful local event to us that's hosted every year, the Sunday before Samhain before Halloween. It's a big vendor fair, and they have readers and they have workshops and they do a Samhain ritual at the end of it. And it's an awesome event every year and we were just there on Sunday vending and it was a long day, but it was amazing. But now I get to relax. 

LizRyth  1:11  
I spent far too much money and we made some awesome friends. 

Aradia  1:15  
We did. 

LizRyth  1:16  

Aradia  1:17  

LizRyth  1:18  
So yeah, besides that so I know we had we had a crazy weekend. But like what else is up? 

Aradia  1:25  
Uh That's it for me really frantically trying to get my my witchlet's  Halloween costume finished before Thursday 

LizRyth  1:32  
since school upped the timeline.

Aradia  1:35  
Yes. So she has a trunk or treat that was originally scheduled for Wednesday before Halloween, which is tomorrow

Aradia  1:47  
at the time of recording, and I'm making her Halloween costume. And I panicked because they upped my timeline. But we're in like a nor'easter. People have been calling it really high winds. Lots and lots of rain. Yeah. So we're basically getting like three days of rain and really high winds. So because of that they bumped it back to Thursday. 

LizRyth  2:07  
Oh, good. 

Aradia  2:08  
Two days. So I have a little bit more time to to finish this project now. 

LizRyth  2:13  

Aradia  2:14  
That's good. All of that is good. It'll be fine. How are you? What's new with you? 

LizRyth  2:18  
Good. Um, I feel like I haven't shut up about this thing. But I haven't talked about it on the podcast yet. So I'm going to talk about it again. Okay.

LizRyth  2:26  
So I've been showing you this really cool digital book of shadows that I found. And I absolutely adore it. Especially because last episode, we had been talking about how neither of us can really keep a book of shadows because we're so like all over the place. And like perfectionist when it comes to it. So we end up like ripping out pages and stuff like that. Well, it got me thinking. And I started looking for like digital options. And I have an iPad that I'm attached to. And I found a digital one on this Etsy shop that where you can like add pages, and doodle and erase and like rearrange things as you need. And there's inserts that the shop sells for things like tarot and runes, and, you know, sigil making and like dates and all this really cool stuff. And it's like everything is in one place. But you can access it from a whole bunch of different places. And I can adjust it exactly how I want and I can like insert pictures into it. And I am obsessed with this thing. 

Aradia  3:29  
Sounds very cool and very, very useful. 

LizRyth  3:33  
So yeah, I'm really excited about it. And like we're not sponsored or anything, but I'll put a link to it in the show notes. Because it has, it has changed the way I practice and it has made it a whole lot easier to like keep track of everything. 

Aradia  3:48  
And we are absolutely like pro technology right with our witchcraft. So if you have this amazing app that helps you practice better and, you know, helps you keep track of things. And you can't manage like a physical book of shadows. But you can manage this app like absolutely use the app. So yeah, we'll put it in the show notes if people want to check it out. 

LizRyth  4:10  
Yeah, and then so what I did was I bought the digital book of shadows, and then it imports right into I use good notes. But I guess it also does notability which I've heard different things on but it I can tell I can tell you right now it works great in good notes. So yeah, but I've been in love with that and using it 

Aradia  4:31  
very cool 

LizRyth  4:32  
pretty much daily. 

Aradia  4:33  
That's awesome. 

LizRyth  4:34  
So speaking of daily, 

Aradia  4:36  

LizRyth  4:37  

Aradia  4:38  

LizRyth  4:38  
What does the daily life of a witch really look like, Especially if you're looking to practice in some way shape or form daily? 

Aradia  4:49  
Oh, well, I am in very solid ritual every day. And casting and reading and like I live the life of like a

Aradia  5:00  
like a like a 14th century Friar, obviously, 

LizRyth  5:03  
*Liz fake coughs* bullshit. 

Aradia  5:04  
Yeah, no, very clearly.

Aradia  5:08  
Uh, I think people would be surprised to know that these witches, these people that are public figures in the community, whether it's your local community or online, who look like they're living these beautiful witchy lives, I think people would be surprised to find out that they're actually just normal people and witchcraft is probably a smaller part of their daily routine, an important part still, but absolutely a smaller one. Because I don't know about you, but I don't have time to cast ritual every day. 

LizRyth  5:44  
I was actually it's funny. So my fiance came home. And he was like, Hey, how are you doing? And I'm like, Oh, cool. I'm carrying like four conversations at the same time. And it's like about this Dungeons and Dragons thing that I have coming up, and this other person that I'm talking to about the podcast, and like, I'm also just carrying on a regular conversation with this person, and I'm talking to Aradia and and he was like, are any of those having to do with like, your day job? And I'm like, no.

LizRyth  6:14  
So yeah, really busy.

Aradia  6:17  
 Yeah. But like, so I think witchcraft doesn't have to look like full ritual every week. And you know, spellcasting every day and like living in this, this space between the worlds like living in this very etheric witchy sort of vibe.

Aradia  6:36  
If it does look like that for you, that's amazing. 

LizRyth  6:40  
No, I float through life.

Aradia  6:42  
But I don't I don't think that's that's a normal daily, witch like, I don't think anybody lives like that, really. 

LizRyth  6:50  
And it's not a fair expectation to set for yourself, either. 

Aradia  6:54  
Absolutely. Like a lot of people getting into witchcraft will look to social media and be like, Oh, they live these, you know, beautiful witchy lives, like, you know, those. Have you ever seen those videos on YouTube that are like, the daily life of a witch where somebody will like, go interview A witch, like somebody who's living out of the broom closet or whatever? And they'll like, it's obviously like, produced, right? So they'll the the witch in question will like walk the interviewer through a day where they get up. And they do like, two hours of meditation and sun salutations, and then like, eat super organic. And then will like cast spells and like pull cards all morning and like this very glamorous. That's not That's not what daily witchcraft is like. And I think that it's super misleading to have these videos and to have these very curated Instagram feeds and stuff because, like a normal person has flaws and distractions and things to deal with in the real world. And witchcraft may or may not play a factor in that on the daily. Ya know?

LizRyth  8:02  
So yeah, so I haven't seen them. But this is the second episode in a row that we've thrown shade on, like witchy creators, and they're gonna come after us. 

Aradia  8:12  
I love so many of them though. That's the worst part. Like there's, see, here's the thing. There are amazing witchy creaters on social media. And they are unfortunately in the minority, you can absolutely find them like I love I follow so many different witchy YouTubers, like not so much Instagram and not so much Tik Tok. But on YouTube, that's my jam, because they're beautifully put together, but they're well informed. And they're real people just talking to the camera about witchcraft. Like what we're doing, except we don't have visuals, right? But there are so many more shitty accounts that just people want to get popular and they want to, I feel like some people want to have that elder status without putting in the work and the time and the waiting. You know, so they try to curate these these feeds that are inspiring and beautiful, but not at all realistic. So I'm, I'm not throwing shade at all witchy creators because Hi, I'm witchy creator, 

LizRyth  9:18  
you're you're a witch tok creator no less. 

Aradia  9:21  
in fact, I am. Like, you can definitely find quality content out there. It's just like I say all the time. You have to be careful and be able to discern what is quality content. So don't come after us. If you think you're putting out quality content, like let us know because we want to check it out. And like we'll talk you up because it's so hard to find quality content, 

Aradia  9:43  
which two things First of all, I apologize for the slew of tik toks I sent you today I don't know if you've seen them yet. 

Aradia  9:50  
I have not opened them yet. 

LizRyth  9:51  
And two, somebody just got recognized for the first time this weekend at celebrate Samhain. 

Aradia  9:57  
Oh my god I did. It was so insane.

Aradia  10:01  
It's absolute long shot that this lovely person is listening to this podcast. But if you are you were so sweet and lovely. And I'm sorry, I was such an awkward oaf.

Aradia  10:13  
But they walked up to the table. I'm not assuming pronouns. So they walked up to the table, and were like, "I'm so happy to see you here." And I was like, Oh, thanks. And they're like, "I follow you on Tik Tok. And I was really hoping you'd be here." And I instantly had like, no words. I was like, Oh my God, thank you so much. But like, in my head, I was like, What the fuck do I say? Oh my god.

Aradia  10:35  
So yeah, that was fun to listen to, because I wasn't at the table. And I'm sad for that. But that was fun

Aradia  10:40  

LizRyth  10:41  
To walk into the middle of. 

Aradia  10:43  
Yeah, no, it was it was it was lovely. And like I said, if you're listening, you were so sweet. And thank you for putting up with me.

Aradia  10:51  
But you know what, like, if you see your favorite creators out in the wild, say Hi. They're probably feeling just as weird and awkward about it as you are. So like, absolutely say hi. Like, if you see me come up and say hi, and be like, Hey, I listen to your podcast or hey, I watch you on Tik Tok. Like, I'm gonna be beside myself with happiness that somebody that like, these aren't just 1000s of bots, watching my videos or something, you know? And like, let's take a picture. Let's have a chat. You know, it's it's totally, it's lovely. And I love it. And yeah, I don't know how we started talking about that. 

LizRyth  11:26  
I don't know. But the awkward pink haired potato next to them is probably me. Anyway!

Aradia  11:32  
See I'm getting flustered again, just thinking about it. So anyway, magic.

LizRyth  11:38  
Take a sip of your drink. daily magic. So busy people. That's how we got onto it. 

Aradia  11:43  
Yeah. So witches are people with flaws and distractions, right, and real lives and everything. And we're talking about folk magic, common magic, like things that you do throughout your day because magic is So for some people magic is very, very formal and ceremonial. You have ceremonial magicians, but I that's not what I am. That's not what you are. And I have a feeling that's not what the people who are listening to this podcast are. There are people who are more down to earth and people who are using magic to improve their lives, you know. So that looks like not being so formal and ritualistic. That's going to look more like subtle magic, and very, like sudden spur of the moment kind of magic and stuff that's from the heart versus like, overly planned and worked. Does that make sense? 

LizRyth  12:35  
Right? Absolutely. 

Aradia  12:36  
Yeah. So. 

LizRyth  12:38  
So we've we've talked about very broad stuff. Let's kind of bring it down now. So like, one thing that can definitely be part of daily magic to me is just having a mindfulness. And like when I say that, so to me what what daily mindfulness to me means, like, what I do personally, in the morning, when I'm like getting ready for my day, there's like very specific jewelry that I wear, like I have my daily pentacle that I wear that I will always put on before I leave my bedroom no matter what. If I have something important going on that day, there are some extra things that I'll put on. I actually I just made my protection jar necklace with you this past weekend that I'm pretty much planning on wearing anytime I leave the house.

Aradia  13:25  
But even that, like I have a I have a choker that I just got that you can put essential oils in for like scents 

Aradia  13:32  

LizRyth  13:33  
I love it.

Aradia  13:35  
And that's something if I'm going to be doing something I can specifically pick out an oil to put in the diffuser. So that can kind of carry me through the day, or things like making sure my space is clean, and like cozy. If if it's a rainy day, like it's been all day today, grabbing my favorite blanket and like snuggling up. And just like there is a magic to self care and being kind to yourself and making sure that your space reflects something that can put you in a good mindset like I don't know about you I go crazy when it's messy, and it's messy behind me right now I know you can see your Aradia.

Aradia  14:13  
It's not that bad

LizRyth  14:13  
But like having a clean space does so much for my mental health. And like you can add magic to things like that. Like when you're cleaning, you can do a boil pot, or simmer pot, which I love that I found that you can do those. But like just daily stuff like that, that mindfulness of like I am doing this, because I'm a witch because I want this energy to be part of my day. And it doesn't need to be this big thing. It can be as simple as putting on my pentacle every morning 

Aradia  14:42  

LizRyth  14:43  
But like what about you? What does daily mindfulness look like for you? 

Aradia  14:46  
So first of all, we didn't add cleaning and like house magic to this list and we need to talk about it because it didn't even occur to me and oh my God, there's so much there. Mindfulness. So specifically when I'm thinking

Aradia  15:40  
Am I feeling safe? Am I feeling protected? Am I feeling like bombarded. taking moments to really check in with your body throughout the day is a really important practice. It's key for energy work, which we're going to talk about in the next episode as one of the foundations of witchcraft. So mindfulness plays a really big role in that.

Aradia  16:22  
So like, to me being mindful is making sure to take care of yourself physically, like, are you eating food? Are you drinking water? Are you drinking water Liz? 

LizRyth  16:32  

Aradia  16:34  
Are you taking your meds? 

LizRyth  16:35  
that reminds me 

Aradia  16:36  
remembering, remembering to take your medication is an empowering act of self care and magic in its own because you are giving your body everything it needs to thrive. But it can also be making sure that your energy is clear and contained, that you're not draining yourself that no one else is draining you and protecting you if you've protecting yourself if you feel like someone else is draining you.

Aradia  17:01  
And mindfulness also plays a factor in paying attention to any messages that may be incoming. So if you have spirit guides, or ancestors, or deities, or animals or anything that are trying to get signs across to you, mindfulness to me is being open to paying attention to those things, and to receiving those messages. 

LizRyth  17:24  
Absolutely. And thank you for reminding me to take my medication. I've been really bad about it the last couple of days. And we are a mental health positive, safe space here. And if your body doesn't make it storebought is just fine. 

Aradia  17:38  

LizRyth  17:40  
So I just took my medicine and I pulled a face and you laughed at me because it is a funny face. And my medicine is gross. 

Aradia  17:45  
I did but I laughed quietly because I wasn't gonna bring attention to it

LizRyth  17:49  
No, I will absolutely- no, because that is a reality of mental health and taking medication. And it sucks!

Aradia  17:56  
It is so gross anyways.

LizRyth  18:00  
But yeah, and that comes into it as is, like you said the mundane, before the magical like it there is there is a certain like ritual even to your daily self care. 

Aradia  18:14  
Absolutely. turning daily self care into a ritual is, is really key and really common and like ways that you can bring that magic into the every day is like we're going to talk about kitchen witchery a little bit later. But like the act of making your morning breakfast can be magical or your morning coffee can be magical. You know,

Aradia  18:37  
showering oh my god showering, taking time to shower and like really soak in the water is so magical, especially if you bring like energetic cleansing into that shower routine. So just finding really small simple ways to take care of yourself physically while also taking care of yourself spiritually. And magically. 

LizRyth  18:57  
I know I ran out of your shower bombs, and I miss them and I need more because they were so good!  

Aradia  19:03  
I can absolutely make you more

Aradia  19:07  
So yes, another thing that I know you do daily that I'm trying to get better about doing daily is daily uh, I know we both do like day. I'm trying to do daily Tarot I know you do daily tarot and you do daily runes. Right. 

Aradia  19:22  
I do. I try to do daily divination, right.

LizRyth  19:26  
Back to busy

Aradia  19:27  
Yeah, right. Right, right. Daily Divination is another easy way to bring magic into the everyday and it can be as simple as like pulling a single card before you start your day. Right? Which is something that I try to do. I have turned mine into a little bit more of a ritual, where I have a very specific way I shuffle my tarot cards and it takes 60 to 90 seconds.

Aradia  20:08  
in, in conjunction with my daily horoscope. So I take all of these three things, and I figure out what my messages are for the day. And usually they overlap and go together surprise. And then I'll journal just really quickly about the three I have a spread in my bullet journal that I you know, Tarot here, Rune here, horoscope, and then my thoughts on all three of these. And I try to do it in the morning to sort of frame my day to see you know, what I should be paying attention to what I should be looking out for what I should be focusing on.

Aradia  21:19  
But I also do my horoscope every day and the app that I use to pull my horoscope also gives me a daily tarot card pull. So if I can't pull my own cards, you know, app bought is fine, right? 

LizRyth  21:32  
And I know like so my daily Tarot pull looks more like a weekly Tarot pull. And a lot of that comes from the fact that mine takes a lot longer because I don't have that like, like you, you can pull a card and I know you immediately are like, oh yeah, this has this association and this thing and, and my intuition tells me this about this card, and like for me, because I'm still practicing those muscles, so to say it takes me a lot longer. So like for me it ends up looking more like a like a weekly Tarot pull than anything else. Because it does take me that extra for me like a single card pull can look upwards of like 10 15 minutes If the card is cooperating. If I have to get like clarification we're looking at like half an hour to 45 minutes because I want to take my time with it because I'm still learning 

Aradia  22:22  
you know my me pulling runes is like that because I've been doing Tarot for a number of years and I'm I'm no expert like I have my experts that I go to when I'm lost.

LizRyth  22:33  
 I'm pretty sure we share the same expert. 

Aradia  22:35  
We do um

Aradia  22:37  
shout out to Two Raven Tarot.

LizRyth  22:39  
Absolutely love him

Aradia  22:40  
But, Tarot I've been doing for a while but runes is something that initially back when I was like, oh, a wee, itty bitty witchling getting into all of this runes are one of the first things that pulled me into it. And then I sort of veered away from them for a very long time. And I'm now starting to get back to them. And so I don't, I barely have any of the runes memorized. So when I pull a rune, I just pull a single rune for the day. And then I have to go look up the meetings and figure out you know how it applies to what I'm doing. But that in itself is also

Aradia  23:17  
sort of daily magic, because I am learning to trust my intuition because I am unfamiliar with what the runes mean. So when I opened the book, and there's like, two pages and like 16 Different themes that go along with this rune, I really have to go Okay, quickly I'm narrowing it down. What is jumping out at me? How does this interact with my horoscope? And how does this interact with my tarot card? So it's learning to sort of trust my intuition, because I have to be like, Okay, I don't have all day to study this, right. So, you know, I'm just gonna go with what my gut says and move on. And we'll see if it was accurate or not. 

LizRyth  23:57  
Yeah, and like, I know, a lot of this stuff, if we're talking like, you know, 5 10 15 20 minutes, and sometimes that can be hard to fit in daily. And again, like Aradia said, it absolutely does not have to be daily. But these are things that can be done daily. But for something shorter, that I even I make time to try and do throughout my, my day at some point is like, like a five minute, like, breathing, centering, like a lot of people will call it meditation. I don't even know if I would go quite that far with it. But like just a five minute meditation, of like, sitting down, like, just letting that like recognizing the five minutes for what it is because you know, you're doing something and Time flies by so fast, like sitting down and recognizing five minutes, right. can just do so much for you. 

Aradia  24:50  
And that factors into the mindfulness we were talking about too. 

LizRyth  24:52  
Yeah, absolutely. And like it doesn't have to be like you sitting on the ground and crossing your legs and like getting into that

Aradia  25:00  
and hoohm, like, there's so many different ways that you can actually go about doing this. The important thing is just that, again, that mindfulness in your own brain, and that like calming down of everything. 

Aradia  25:14  
Absolutely, which is super important skill to learn before you do divination too, because you're centering yourself, and you're calling up your intuition. Right, 

LizRyth  25:24  
right. Like, I still need to do that, that card pull for you. But like, I knew, like when I offered and I'm like, Okay, I can't do this right now, because I'm hungry. I haven't drank any water today, like now is not a good time to do it. So I need to find a time to actually probably after we record, I'll do that for you. But I'm like, I have to sit down and like, get myself ready for it. 

Aradia  25:46  
Yeah. And recognizing that you need that. And recognizing in the moment that you can't do that is its own sort of magic too because you're really you're honoring the space of pulling cards, for example, you're honoring that container of divination by going, I can't devote everything I need to devote to this action right now. So I'm going to come back to it when I can. Which is super important, 

LizRyth  26:11  
yeah, and, and like it, you deserve that mindset, especially when you're going to read or doing anything, like more long form magical, but like, even just practice, if you're not going to do anything else after the meditation, even just sitting down and getting that five minutes. One is good for you. It's good for your health, it's good for your mental well being. But it also helps you practice getting into that mindset easier and faster, when you do sit down to do something like ritual, or a spell or long form thing. So doing that daily helps build that muscle. 

Aradia  26:46  
Yeah. And that's what I love about daily divination too is that you're really you're training the mind. And you're training your energy to sink into that state for reading a lot easier. It's like developing the muscle memory of you go through the motions. And okay, I'm reading now. So you can sort of shift shift the brain right and shift the perspective into that liminal space. For reading, though, if you practice the five minute meditation every day, it gets easier to sort of shift into that, which, like you said, is only going to benefit you when you go into spellwork Later and ritual later, because you've been practicing that sort of shift from mundane to magical, that, that in between space, 

LizRyth  27:26  
right. And so Aradia is sitting down or sitting in a place and closing your eyes. Like is that the only way that you can do it? 

Aradia  27:36  

LizRyth  27:38  
tell me more 

Aradia  27:38  

Aradia  27:38  
so one of my favorite kinds of meditation, too. And I so so many people have trouble with meditation, right? Because meditation we've been taught is sitting down and emptying your brain. And I don't know anybody who can do that, like putting putting stuff like ADHD aside, I don't know anybody who can sit and empty their brain for 10 20 30 minutes at a time, 

LizRyth  28:02  
I end up thinking about penguins. Why? I don't know.

Aradia  28:05  
Because penguins are amazing, 

LizRyth  28:06  

Aradia  28:07  
Um, but no, I tell people, one of the best ways to learn to develop that meditative mindset to let your brain sort of off of its leash and let your subconscious out to play and take the the conscious mind out of the equation is a walking meditation. So you pick a path that you know really well, whether it's, you know, down to the end of the street and back, or if there are walking paths local to you that you can like walk through the woods, it doesn't have to be in the woods. I like it being in the woods, because I feel like you're more, it's a bit more magical that way, because there are lots more distractions like walking down the street. But the point is to just walk a path that you know, really well that you know, you can just go and not focus on where you're going and you're not going to get lost

Aradia  28:55  
to be fair too just where we are, it's really hard not to be in the woods. Just sayin 

Aradia  29:02  
it's true. Like, I live on a super busy street. But if you walk five minutes, you are at the Rail Trail, which is like all nature and river and stuff. So yeah, absolutely. 

LizRyth  29:13  
Sorry continue

Aradia  29:15  
So the point is to just pick a path that you know really well that you can walk without getting lost, and then just go and, you know, notice things on that very small level, like we were talking about mindfulness, paying attention to little things. Just seeing how you feel walking through, especially if you can get out into the woods or get out into like a natural area that's not

Aradia  29:38  
you know, overrun with cars and people and businesses and things.

Aradia  29:42  
You really give your brain a chance to sort of like shut off, and your subconscious comes out to play and that's that's getting into that liminal space of spellcasting and divination and ritual, where all the magic happens. figuratively and literally

Aradia  29:59  
and I

Aradia  29:59  
I think it's a great tool for people to practice shifting that mindset. So that if you do decide to do the more traditional, you know, sit in quiet and focus, that starts to come a little easier, because your brain is familiar with shifting from your task list and who you have to call and what you're going to have for dinner into just being in the moment. And just paying attention to the sensations around you. And just focusing on not focusing on anything. 

LizRyth  30:33  
And this can also tie into what you meant, what like what you were talking about earlier, with mindfulness with checking in with your body, and checking in with your energy levels. That is a great thing to do, while you're taking this, like, five minute slow down. Because that can also be very meditative is like, you know, checking your physical body, and then checking your energy and then checking your mental state. Like that can all be very meditative as well. 

LizRyth  30:59  
Absolutely. And then there's the people- oh sorry, you go first.

Aradia  31:02  
I was just gonna say like, as a massage therapist, I teach people to take time throughout the day to check in with their body physically. Are you holding tension in your jaw? Okay, relax it, are you holding tension in your neck relax it shoulders, relax it, hips, relax it knees, and basically go through like a checklist of the body. And we can do this before magical working too, or as a part of a daily mindfulness practice. Where are you holding tension in your body? Relax it, why are you holding tension there? Is it a physical thing are you stressed is something trying to get your attention, like these practices of checking in with your body can really start to give you a lot of data about your physical self and your spiritual self too 

LizRyth  31:45  
absolutely. And then there's people like me, who do have ADHD, and do have a really hard time focusing without something to focus on.

Aradia  31:56  
And there is candle meditation. And 

Aradia  32:00  

LizRyth  32:00  
a lot of people have probably done this without even realizing if you're at a campfire, or you just find yourself staring at candles. And like, as you're looking at the flame, you're just kind of spacing out. And then all of a sudden, like you're feeling more relaxed, and you're like, all of a sudden, like, Oh my God, how much time has passed. And it's like that can be very meditative, as well is if you're using a candle or a flame, some type of flame, any flame to kind of use it as a focal point to just slow down. 

Aradia  32:31  
Absolutely. And the thing that I love about candle meditation is that you're also practicing your scrying because you can scry into candle flames and into like bonfire flames and stuff. But the point is to give yourself like you said, a focal point. So if you can't light candles, or you don't have candles or whatever, it doesn't have to be a candle flame. Like you can use a glass of water and use that as your focal point to just sort of blend your like.

Aradia  33:00  
We like fire here 

LizRyth  33:01  
I'm holding up a lit lighter, anyways. 

Aradia  33:04  
But if you can't use fire, you can use a glass of water as your focal point you can use crystals are great as focal points, especially if like you can dim the lights and you can see like the light play off the crystal if it has if it's like shiny and stuff. You can get really creative with focal points. The point is just to have one thing that you can give all of your visual attention to. Because if you're occupying your visual sense, it sort of lets the subconscious off of its leash a little bit. 

LizRyth  33:33  
Yeah, and like I said, especially where I have ADHD and it's really hard, really hard to get my brain to stop firing on all cylinders, because I do not medicate for my ADHD specifically for personal reasons.

Aradia  33:48  
It can be really hard to kind of stop that train and focusing on that flame definitely helps me specifically I love fire far too much for an earth sign just saying

Aradia  34:01  
hey, that shows that you're balanced right 

LizRyth  34:04  

Aradia  34:05  
just just because you're an earth sign like you have other elements in your chart.

LizRyth  34:08  

Aradia  34:09  
and you you want to have an equal balance of all of them so I love, you love fire too much as an earth sign I love fire way too much as a water sign.

Aradia  34:21  
Okay as like a primary water sign. 

LizRyth  34:24  
I still don't I still don't know nearly enough about all of that. I just know that I'm a Taurus and I learned within the last couple of years that that's supposed to be an earth sign and I'm like okay

Aradia  34:34  
Taurus is Earth

Aradia  34:38  
whatever the Oh see I don't know enough about Astrology either, 

LizRyth  34:40  
I just know our stereotype is that we eat and we nap

Aradia  34:44  
like that's the Taurus stereotype which to be fair clocks me

Aradia  34:48  
Taurus are very are very stubborn too 

LizRyth  34:51  

Aradia  34:51  
in a good way in a good way but also in a bad way.

Aradia  34:55  

LizRyth  34:56  
love me baby!

Aradia  34:58  
 You You are very I love this

Aradia  35:00  
relationship because you are very you know, you're very Taurus, you're very stalwart and grounded, and like, this is me, I am here and I am Pisces, through and through. So I'm like, up in the atmosphere. I'm as flowy and flexible as water. I'm like, oh, you know, we'll go with the flow, things will be fine. The Pisces in me factors in great when I'm doing divination and intuition work. But when I need to like sit down and get shit done, it's not it's not so great, 

LizRyth  35:32  
which is where I come in because I love systems. I love lists and organization. And I'm just flashing back to Saturday night with celebrate Samhain and you're like, Oh, well, let's start this. And let's start this and I'm like, yo,

Aradia  35:46  
we have this and this that needs to be finished. Let's tick something off the list.

Aradia  35:51  
I have so many things in my head that I wanna do! 

LizRyth  35:53  
I know, And that's where I come in, and I pin them to the ground.

Aradia  35:58  

Aradia  35:59  
 but this is also like this is also a kind of daily magic knowing, knowing your horoscope, knowing your your birth chart, and knowing where your strengths are and knowing where you're what's the opposite of a strength, 

LizRyth  36:13  

Aradia  36:14  
weakness that well, weakness always feels so there's another word I'm thinking

LizRyth  36:19  

Aradia  36:19  
 because weakness feels so negative, 

Unknown Speaker  36:22  

LizRyth  36:22  
I know, your shortcomings? Is that what you're looking for? 

Aradia  36:25  

LizRyth  36:26  
okay, there's no way to make it sound happy. Okay?

Aradia  36:29  
I know. But like you, you know where your strengths are, and you know where you're not. So strengths are. 

LizRyth  36:34  
Thank you. you tried

Aradia  36:36  

Aradia  36:38  
So anyway.

Aradia  36:41  
So another thing, another way that I work magic into my daily life is with cleansing and protection. And so full disclosure, I live in this witchy world professionally, right. So I am a content creator on the internet. But I also

Aradia  36:59  
manage a witchcraft and metaphysical store. So five days a week, I am a professional witch. And that looks to me, like, every morning when I walk in to the shop, I am cleansing the store, I'm cleansing myself, and I'm making sure that my my energetic boundaries, and wards and shields are up, because it can be super draining to do this work all day, every day. So I think for like the common witch daily protection isn't necessary, daily cleansing can be it depends on how chaotic your life is.

Aradia  37:38  
But I think it's still important to focus on even if it's not every single freaking day, like once a week, or at least knowing the skills so that you can use them when you have to. 

LizRyth  37:51  
Yeah, this kind of comes back around to even if it's not necessary every single day, it's a good muscle to have prepared. And like In tune you know what I mean? So like, if you're sit, like if you practice protecting and cleansing every day, you're going to be able to do it at the snap of a finger instead of if you don't, it's going to take you more focus more energy. And like just more time, so even if it's not needed every day, it's quick enough that you can do it every day. And it gets you more practiced at it. 

Aradia  38:26  
Yeah. And like really quick side tangent. Related, I promise, so, like I practice my protection on a regular basis. And because I'm so familiar with the process, and because my shields are usually always up, if something happens where someone is throwing some magical shade at me. It does, it comes up against those barriers, and I sort of get like an alarm bell going, hey, something's happening.

Aradia  38:54  
And so it's easier for me to tackle some of these things, because I'm used to refreshing those shields every morning. And I'm very in tune with that energy because I'm working with it every day. 

LizRyth  39:08  
Yeah, exactly. 

Aradia  39:08  
Not Not that you're going to get hexed like every day, but So like, if it were to happen,

Aradia  39:16  
because it does happen. And unfortunately, with the popularity of witchcraft right now, it

Aradia  39:26  
seems like it's happening a bit more. I don't know if people are just talking big game or what. But it seems like it is happening a bit more specifically from people who don't really know what they're doing. 

LizRyth  39:37  
Well, and on top of that, whether you are a content creator, it you are more in the eyesight. Of 

Aradia  39:45  

LizRyth  39:46  
witchy people in general, and I'm not saying anybody wouldn't want to hurt you over whatever. But like, you are more out there than anybody else really.

Aradia  39:56  
Like absolutely witchy content creators are definitely more

Aradia  40:00  
in like that spotlight, right, so if somebody wants to test their, their boundaries, I guess. 

LizRyth  40:06  
or if they don't like something that you say, because

Aradia  40:09  
or, right, 

LizRyth  40:09  
we are fully aware that witch tok can get kind of opinionated sometimes. 

Aradia  40:14  
Oh, yeah. And I'm very opinionated when I tell people don't watch most of witch tok, So, I'm sure most of witch tok doesn't like that,

LizRyth  40:20  

Aradia  40:21  
But it is what it is. But because I'm used to working with that energy, it comes a lot easier to me and I can more easily go, oh, something's happening, you know, boost my my wards and cleanse any attachments and then move on with my day. Because unless it's somebody who's really heavy hitting, it's probably not going to not gonna come through enough to bother me. 

LizRyth  40:46  
Right. And again, it doesn't have to be this big, like full on spell or ritual. There are like, you can literally just burn some herbs or there are I know, you wear stones every day that help you as well. And like that is again, it's just it's a really simple thing that you can do every day.

Aradia  41:05  
 Absolutely, and like, so in this specific situation, when I felt like I had to boost my protection and cleanse a bit more.

Aradia  41:28  
I just grabbed some herbs that I knew were really good for protection, through them on a charcoal brick burned that made sure to like, cover myself in the smoke and then cover the shop in the smoke. And then, like use the smoke. Well, I used my finger sort of through the smoke to draw some protection sigils in the air around me.

Aradia  42:09  
I make use of what was around me, I just I did what came to me what felt right in the moment. And then I moved on with my day. 

LizRyth  42:15  
Right. But like even at home, go grab some rosemary out of your out of your cabinet. You know what I mean? 

Aradia  42:20  

Aradia  42:22  
So then back to we brought up horoscopes earlier. And we both You turned me on to the sanctuary app specific specifically, but there's a bunch of places that you can get them. 

Aradia  42:35  
Love sanctuary, though, it's really good. 

LizRyth  42:37  
And we will link it in the show notes. But yeah, both of us use that for our daily horoscope. And it it I've found uh because again, it's not super like the way horoscopes are. It's not very super specific, but it definitely has like, a good thing to keep in mind for today is and like, you know, things that might be affecting your energy. And it again, you can use that to play off of any daily divinations that you do, whether it's tarot, Rune

LizRyth  43:10  
pendulum, anything that you really use. 

Aradia  43:14  
Yeah, the thing I like about sanctuary too, and apps like sanctuary over like the general horoscope websites and stuff is that you know, you put your your birth information in, so your time and your place and, and all of that too, so that it basically calculates your natal chart, and then pulls your horoscope based on your natal chart. So it's a bit more specific to you like it's not unique to you individually. But like I know with sanctuary it pulls your sun sign and your rising sign. And a lot of horoscopes just cover your sun sign. So that gives you a little bit more specificity to work with. And also, Sanctuary has a companion mini podcast on Spotify. It's only on Spotify. Unfortunately, 

LizRyth  44:01  
I didn't actually know that. 

Aradia  44:03  
So it's it's like the Zodiac today series. I don't know if the whole series has a name, but like, I'm a Pisces. So I follow Pisces today on Spotify. And so every morning it gives me like a little 90 to like 1 20 second podcast episode, which is my horoscope. And it's from the people who created the sanctuary app. So it's really great. And I learned so here's a little bit of daily magic tip for you.

Aradia  44:34  
My alarm app on my phone like my morning alarm to get up. I can set any kind of like ringtone but I can also link it to Spotify so it will play a specific song or playlist or something every morning instead of an alarm tone. 

LizRyth  44:50  
That's awesome. 

Aradia  44:51  
So every morning when my alarm goes off, it goes off as that day's horoscope 

LizRyth  44:57  
that's really cool.

LizRyth  44:59  
Not sponsored

LizRyth  45:00  
We just really like this app. 

Aradia  45:02  
I love I love Sanctuary and I love the little podcast series that they have on Spotify. So I start my day with my horoscope. And that's great. It's it starts every morning starts. Good morning Pisces, and it's it's super, it's super sweet and I love it. 

LizRyth  45:16  
Hey yo sanctuary hit us up 

Aradia  45:19  
Right? oh my god yes!

Aradia  45:22  
Okay, so daily horoscopes are great. And like I said, you know, taking time to find ones that are more specific to you that like take your birth information into account will just be more personal. 

LizRyth  45:34  
Be aware, though, anything that you're giving your personal information to make sure that it's trustworthy. 

Aradia  45:41  
Oh, absolutely. 

LizRyth  45:41  
Just saying, like sanctuary is vetted. Like, that's why we trust it. But like, don't just go find any website. 

Aradia  45:49  
There are there is another app that I think I have it downloaded, but I don't have any of my information in it. There's another app that definitely is not one that you want to use. 

LizRyth  46:01  
Alright, well, let's not name anything. Just

Aradia  46:04  
 no, okay, we won't name anything 

LizRyth  46:06  
we don't want to get in trouble

Aradia  46:07  
 and I don't, I don't actually have it downloaded. But if you search horoscope apps,

Aradia  46:14  
and then look for people talking about them, there's one that has a lot of negative reviews. 

LizRyth  46:21  
Just use your resources to find out if places are trustworthy. 

Aradia  46:25  
Yeah, but like Sanctuary has apps for Android and, and Apple, so just use sanctuary. 

LizRyth  46:30  

Aradia  46:32  
So And thankfully, with horoscopes, it's really easy to do that kind of on the down low. 

Aradia  46:37  
Because everybody loves reading their horoscope. 

LizRyth  46:39  
Right. And then, you know, we talked last episode about the witches in the broom closet. And like, even even if you're not out to your family, your circle, what have you, there are some things that you can do in your daily life, to still invoke some kind of magical energy without having to be very obvious about it. 

Aradia  47:00  
I like calling it incognito witchcraft.

LizRyth  47:04  
So yeah, things like color magic, you know, if you have an event going on that day, picking a color shirt that will match the vibe that you want to wear. So we talked about it, I think last episode where like, you know, blue is your grandmother's favorite color. So to you that is a happy color. And if you want to have a really like happy day, or be reminded of that person in your life, wear a blue shirt. 

Aradia  47:31  

Aradia  47:32  
or if you're trying to commune with that person in your life, you know, bring that ancestor energy into your work, wear that color, you know, 

LizRyth  47:39  
right exactly doing things like wearing charged jewelry, or again, talking about my scent necklace, you know, a certain scents that you can carry with you in the day certain perfumes even. 

Aradia  47:51  
So I made a video on YouTube, a couple months back about three tips for incognito witchcraft, and one of my favorite tips that I've ever come up with, and I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but like, I thought of it all by myself and I was super proud is creating sigils to that are sort of like keyed to your intention for the day or for the week or whatever. And painting them on your nails under nail polish. 

LizRyth  48:20  
What Yes, that is genius. 

Aradia  48:23  
So you can either use like a clear coat to paint on the nail and then do a color coat on top or like painted on clear coat and then do another clear coat on top. So you can't really see it.

Aradia  48:34  
But like sigils under nail polish, nobody's gonna see them but you know, they're there. And it's just it's having that energy and I don't know who has time to like repaint their nails every day. So I would pick something like general that you could get through like a week with 

LizRyth  48:48  
I wear fakes 

Aradia  48:50  
Or or fake right. But like so many guys nowadays and like masculine presenting, people are still going to get manicures and just getting like buffs on their nails and then like a clear coat which is really good and helps protect your nails. It keeps your nails really healthy. So you don't have to be using color even to do this you can do you can paint the sigils on with clear coat and then paint over it with clear coat so it's not just like weird, random shiny streaks on your nails. 

LizRyth  49:16  
Hey, you got shoes. You have toenails. They can go there too. Not gonna lie though. Men with painted nails are attractive. 

Aradia  49:24  
Oh, yeah. Oh my god. 

LizRyth  49:26  
Anyways, just sayin

Aradia  49:29  
 there's there's a I'm gonna say general Scandinavian because I don't know exactly where he is. Viking tik toker who always has his nails painted. And I'm a big fan for a number of reasons

Aradia  49:43  
also, he's just he's putting out really good information. but yeah

LizRyth  49:48  
 sorry, I'm 12 Anyways,

Aradia  49:50  
 but yes, sigils under nail polish is my favorite. And like we didn't even we didn't even mention shoe magic. I know I wanted to circle around and talk about like cleaning magic.

LizRyth  50:01  
uuhh. Ehh?

Aradia  50:16  
So, yeah, those are just like some very basic tips for if you need to work some magic into your every day that

Aradia  50:26  
you don't want anybody else to know about. Either you're in the broom closet, or, you know, there's, there's a belief of being silent with your witchcraft, like not talking about your magical practice. So if that's something that you subscribe to like that incognito witchery can be really important for you to be able to do magic on the daily without everybody knowing. 

LizRyth  50:47  
Right? And then so looking at the time, I know, we mentioned food and kitchen witchery we definitely have enough time for that. I think some of the other stuff on our list here. I believe we're gonna have to make a part two for this sometime down the road. 

Aradia  51:01  
So part two, later on, we're going to talk about more incognito witchery and shoe magic and all sorts of fun stuff. But I do want to talk and cleaning. But I do want to talk about kitchen, witchery

LizRyth  51:11  
I definitely want to touch on this because you have to eat no matter what. 

Aradia  51:14  
Right and talking about incognito witchery. Like you said, everybody eats, right? And it's so easy to work magic into the food that you're preparing, or even the food that you've gone out to buy, like you don't have to cook to be a Kitchen Witch, you can bless the food after you've received it. And like nobody can tell that you're blessing the food as you're making it or before you eat it, 

LizRyth  51:36  
man that person's stirring that really weird, like, nobody's gonna do that. 

Aradia  51:41  
Nobody's gonna know who's gonna know, 

LizRyth  51:44  
man, they stirred that counter clockwise, clockwise 13 times. And that's sus.

Aradia  51:52  
Right, exactly. But kitchen witchery is some of the oldest forms of magic because like we said, everybody needs to eat.

Aradia  52:01  
And magic was so often like pulling in what you have on hand, like we mentioned earlier, using the things that are at your disposal, instead of you know, wasting your day wasting your paycheck, going out and buying like really expensive tools. Daily witchcraft looks like using the things that you have on hand. And cooking is absolutely key to that, to like, you can pull spices from the cabinet, or like from your garden, if you're lucky enough to have garden space, and work magic with that. And you don't need all these fancy herbs and things. And then you can eat it too. So 

LizRyth  52:35  
Right. Always a plus hi Taurus

Aradia  52:39  
give me things to eat.

Aradia  52:42  
So like the thing, the thing that I love about, like working magic into your food is that like, then the meal, the eating of the meal becomes part of the ritual. Like you've, you've created this container for the magic, and then you're taking the magic into you to really pull in that intention of the spell. Which just is it feels so powerful to me. And it's something as simple as like making a meal and then eating it, which you're gonna do anyway, 

LizRyth  53:10  
or what I know that you do, what is your favorite kitchen witchery Aradia that you do every morning, 

Aradia  53:16  
oh my god. So I don't do it every morning because I have a six year old and I have to get her to school on time, half of the week. But I do it a lot. And the other reason I don't do it every morning is because when I make my coffee in the morning versus buying it on my way to work, when I make it in the morning, I really want to focus on making it like a little mini ritual. It's a moment of peace and mindfulness and magic for me when I'm brewing my coffee in the morning. So when I know that I have the time to devote to it, what I like to do is basically I make my own homemade pumpkin spice coffee. And I do that by so I make coffee in a French press. I don't have a coffee maker or anything.

Aradia  54:00  
So I add the coffee to my French press the coffee grounds and then I add cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, Allspice, ginger, which are the five like autumn spices, which makes up pumpkin spice. And then I also had dried orange peel because I think it gets a little something extra to my coffee grounds before I add in the water. And then I let all of that steep in the French press.

Aradia  54:23  
And I love doing this because first of all, the act of making coffee in a French press to me just feels a lot more mindful than like throwing a pod in a Keurig or making coffee in a coffee pot because like I have to be paying attention to how long its steeping. I'm adding all of the things bit by bit. I'm adding the water just feels a little bit more. 

LizRyth  54:46  
It's very intentional. 

Aradia  54:47  
Yes, that's Yes, exactly. It's it's an intentional process. And if I let it steep for too long, it's going to be bitter as fuck. So I really have to pay attention to what I'm doing. But all of those added spices

Aradia  55:00  
all those those pumpkin, spice blend spices. They all encourage like prosperity and abundance. And then you have things like cinnamon is great for psychic ability and spiritual connection. clove and ginger are used for protection.

Aradia  55:16  
Orange is great for cleansing, and also for like bringing on inspiration, all spice is used in healing spells. And then all spice and coffee are both energetic accelerants. So they like, enhance and speed up the properties of the spell that you're casting. So like all of these things come together into this, like very almost cliche witch's brew, right? You're brewing all of these herbs and this magic together. And then, like we talked about, you're taking it in, you're drinking it. So you're bringing that intention into you, which I just I love the the imagery of it all.

Aradia  55:53  
and itTastes really fucking good! 

LizRyth  55:56  
Right? absolutely. And then,

Aradia  56:02  
a couple years ago, I lost my voice for literally a straight two weeks, you remember this Aradia where all I could do was croak for two weeks straight. And I spent New Year's croaking. I had to go to work. And I couldn't speak to people. And my work was 80% on the phone.

LizRyth  56:24  
And there were two things that ended up really helping fix it. And one of them you made. And it was your chicken noodle soup. 

Aradia  56:34  
I will say it is so magical. And like I love to go overboard and like make my soup I roast chicken bones. And then I make stock from the bones. And then I remove the bones and I add the stuff and I simmer it and it's like an af-, it takes a whole entire afternoon. Sometimes it can take an entire day if I haven't made the stock ahead of time because stock takes like two days to make.

Aradia  56:57  
But like I love chicken noodle soup as a healing spell, right like the act of making it because it already carries this cultural belief of what do you what do you what do you do when you're sick? 

LizRyth  57:07  

Aradia  57:08  
 you buy ginger ale and chicken noodle soup. And then you sit and you rest and you relax. Like that's what that's what everybody does. That is this cultural sort of vision of what it means to be sick and get better. 

LizRyth  57:21  
Yeah. And then you lay on your couch and watch Judge Judy, and Family Feud. 

Aradia  57:26  
And shitty TV. 

LizRyth  57:28  
Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Aradia  57:31  
And like if you're making chicken noodle soup from scratch as a healing spell, you're adding your intention along every step of the way. But because we're accessible here on this podcast, not everybody can make chicken noodle soup from scratch, you might not have the time you might have not have like the finances for the resources. But what is more iconic than a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup. 

LizRyth  57:53  
All I can picture is every winter, at least in our area, the commercial of the kid that's playing outside in the snow and gets all sniffily and like turns into a snowman. And then the snowman walks into the kitchen and melts to the floor while the kids eating the Campbell's chicken noodle soup. 

Aradia  58:11  
I love that commercial. And it's so like Campbell's chicken noodle soup specifically has like this collective association of power to it. Because like just like that, when you're sick, you think of chicken soup. And you don't just think of any chicken noodle soup. Think of Campbell's chicken noodle soup. So like if all you can do is go to the store and buy a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup and microwave it, you can still turn that into a daily act of healing magic by like stirring your intention into it afterwards. But just using the Campbell's chicken noodle soup, sort of collective consciousness of like magic and power that we all lend to it by being like a culture that has this vision.

Aradia  58:57  
Tapping into that is so powerful tapping into that collective consciousness of symbols and imagery can be super powerful. Which is why we have things like general correspondences, because there are so many people that lend their belief to this thing doing this thing. That that's really where it gets its power, which is a topic for a whole other episode. 

LizRyth  59:22  
Right? Well, exactly. And then like I said, we have, like we have so many more notes on this that I feel so bad. We're gonna have to get to like the cleaning and dream interpretation. 

Aradia  59:33  

LizRyth  59:34  
like all that other stuff. So there absolutely 

Aradia  59:36  
we'll do another episode. 

LizRyth  59:38  
At some point, we will do another episode, but

LizRyth  59:42  
I'd like to end it Aradia what is out of all the things that we've talked about, What is your favorite Like daily, like witchy activity? 

Aradia  59:53  
Oh, my favorite daily witchy activity is probably my daily divination practice, which like I said, Doesn't always happen.

Aradia  1:00:20  
It forces me to lean into these skills, so I'm more confident and comfortable with them. And like spending time in this liminal space every day helps me honor Hecate, my patron goddess. So

Aradia  1:00:33  
it's, it's just this, it's the small thing that really ties the essence of my witchiness together into this, like, small little daily activity that makes me feel witchy to do it,

LizRyth  1:00:45  

Aradia  1:00:46  
Yeah, so that's my favorite. Liz what's your favorite daily witchy activity? 

LizRyth  1:00:50  
So mine is a lot more mundane. And I don't know if part of that is just like me still finding out what works for me, and still trying to get into that groove. But like I talked about with that, just like sitting down and taking just five minutes. And like, I always find myself every day lighting a candle. And like, just sitting in my chair, like I am literally the chair I'm sitting in now at my computer, before I turn on my computer, or do anything right after I get off of work usually. Or maybe I jump right into something after work. But like right before I go to bed, when I shut my computer down, I'll just kind of sit here. And I'll like take a deep breath, light my candle, especially now that it's getting cold, I'll make myself a cup of tea. And like, even if it's just for a handful of moments, just feeling that sensation of time slowing down around me almost or like feeling like I'm just frozen in time, everything's quiet. A lot of the times this is after like my fiance has gone to bed because he has to get up early or something like that. But just that like, everything is quiet around me. There's no busyness right now, just taking a very deep breath. And just sitting. And like recently with me finding that Book of Shadows, if something has happened, during the day that I find important enough to do this, I've added journal journaling to that portion of my day. And again, that kind of brings it back to reflecting on the day and feeling mindful. And just taking that time to document that down. But that's not every day. That's like I'm not going to write like nothing happened today. So we're good. Like,

Aradia  1:02:38  
all good guys. 

LizRyth  1:02:39  
Right? On days. I feel like it needs it. I will add that to that. But a lot of the times it's just me lighting the candles sitting there and taking a deep breath, 

Aradia  1:02:47  
which is so witchy.

Aradia  1:03:14  
You can chat with us on all of our social channels. 

LizRyth  1:03:17  
Yes, please join the conversation. 

Aradia  1:03:19  
There'll be listed in the show notes. But basically, we're Two By Torchlight everywhere on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. Or you can always shoot us an email We would love to hear from you. 

LizRyth  1:03:32  
And we would love to hear from your friends. If there is anybody that you know, that might enjoy this podcast, or be interested in witchy things. Or just like listening to us ramble and talk.

Aradia  1:03:44  
Please, please share the podcast with them. We would absolutely love to reach more people and grow this like amazing and wonderful community. We want to get to know you all as much as you're getting to know us, you know, through these episodes.  so please Share us. 

Aradia  1:03:59  
Absolutely. Witchcraft is a collective thing, even if you're a solitary practitioner, like we are all in this together. 

LizRyth  1:04:07  
Yeah, absolutely. And if you do like us enough to share, we would also absolutely appreciate reviews. Most reviews, get left on like iTunes and pod chaser. I know like Spotify doesn't do reviews. But if you have the time in your day and you like us enough to do it, we would absolutely appreciate a review as well. 

Aradia  1:04:25  
We would love you so much forever and ever. 

LizRyth  1:04:27  
And Aradia when's our next episode? 

Aradia  1:04:29  
Our next episode comes out in two weeks on November 28. So I think that's like right after Thanksgiving for people in the US.

Aradia  1:04:38  
But we recorded ahead of time, so you will still get a an episode Thanksgiving weekend. 

LizRyth  1:04:43  

Aradia  1:04:44  
And so we're going to be talking about the foundations of witchcraft. So the four foundational skills that are super important for basically everybody to know and learn and kind of master if you want to be a witch. So if you

Aradia  1:04:59  
Wanna be a witch? You should probably listen to that one, 

LizRyth  1:05:02  
right? Because these daily activities are great. And like I said, they're great for building up these muscles. But there are definitely some foundations that you need it like you need the tools in your tool belt to be able to go on to these more long form spells and rituals that we've been talking about as well. 

Aradia  1:05:18  

LizRyth  1:05:19  
And until then, we hope you have a great two weeks.

Aradia  1:05:22  
 Yeah, we will see you soon. 

LizRyth  1:05:26  

Aradia  1:05:27  

Unknown Speaker  1:05:29  
Thank you so much for listening and for supporting the creation of this podcast. You can find the show notes for this episode at along with episode archives, contact info our press kit and more. We'll see you back here in two weeks for another episode.

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