On today’s inaugural episode, Aradia and Lizryth wanted to touch a little on a lot of topics that actual practicing or aspiring witches say are most important to them! By sourcing questions straight from their respective witchy communities, both in person and online, they cover a variety of interesting themes (that they’ll go in depth on in future episodes) instead of doling out the generic beginner info, and get a bit personal about their own beliefs and practices in the process.

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Episode Transcript:

Aradia  0:00  
Whether you've been at this for 10 years or 10 minutes, there's always more to learn within the craft. Today we're tackling questions from newbies and veterans alike. Those questions you've always wondered about couldn't find straight answers for or have been too afraid to ask, what are your burning witchcraft questions? Welcome to Two By Torchlight, where we dive deep and get real about magic and witchcraft, its relationship to science and pop culture, and what it's really like to build a modern practice that's accessible, effective and unique to you. I'm Aradia, your veteran witch.

LizRyth  0:29  
And I'm Liz, a newer practitioner. Hang out with us around the torchlight as we talk all things woo and witchcraft. So we've sourced some questions from witches in our social media circles, personal circles, and we're going to be answering some of those questions today, anything we don't get to that was submitted, we'll be getting back to on our social channels, which we'll talk about more at the end of the podcast.

Aradia  0:55  
Yeah, we feel like it's important to address what's most important to practicing witches right now. 

LizRyth  1:01  

Aradia  1:01  
Instead of just picking a single topic and going from there. So with that, Liz, what got you into witchcraft? What got you to start practicing?

LizRyth  1:11  
So I've been interested in witchcraft, since I was younger, teenage years, I feel like a lot of girls especially or anybody that was raised female, kind of finds the path at one point or another. And at first, it was more about like, oh, here's a tribe that I can belong to. Here's something that lets me kind of find my own way, especially because I was raised going to church every Sunday, and like, all of that stuff. And then, you know, obviously, I kind of fell out of it. As you know, college happened, and life happened. And then especially recently, I met this awesome badass witch who lived their life very openly, 

Aradia  1:50  
Aw man they're okay. 

LizRyth  1:52  
And it really inspired me because like, it was always in the back of my mind for so long. And it really inspired me to be like, no, like, everything that I was kind of considering and everything that I've kind of, always thought about in the last couple years. It is like something that you can live openly and freely and like, actually practice, because it always felt kind of like, I don't know if it was imposter syndrome, or what, but it always felt kind of like I was just like, playing at, you know what I mean? 

Aradia  2:19  
Oh, yeah. 

LizRyth  2:19  
So yeah, that's, that's, that's how I'm getting back into it now.

Aradia  2:23  
That's awesome. *hosts stumble over each other*  Yeah, I have pretty much the complete opposite story. 

LizRyth  2:29  

Aradia  2:30  
right? Where it's a very common story, people come to witchcraft, because they're coming out of organized religion, right, and they want something that is different. That is sort of breaking the mold of something that was imposed upon them growing up, I didn't grow up in a church, I didn't grow up with a religion, like both of my parents had to do that when they were kids. So when I was born, they were like, man, ef organized religion, we're just gonna be people. Right? 

LizRyth  2:55  

Aradia  2:55  
So when I found witchcraft, it was actually through a school project, where I had to do some research into like, pre Christian beliefs and stuff. And that sort of led me to stumble upon the fact that people still believe and practice that kind of stuff today. And I was like, What? What is this? What is this weird magic that is, like, real and not just in my fantasy books. Because like, prayer is just another form of magic, but it's not anything I grew up with. So like, the entire world of religion and spirituality was new and shiny and sparkly to me. And yeah, I dived deep into it, because I'm a super nerd, right? And it just kind of stuck and I've been doing it ever since.

LizRyth  3:40  
And for podcast sake, Aradia and I both get very excited talking about these topics. So I'm sure we're going to stumble over each other a couple times. It's gonna happen.  

Aradia  3:48  
Oh, yeah. It's fine. 

LizRyth  3:50  
 So what about practicing is most interesting to you, then as you know, you've been practicing so long, not to age you.

Aradia  3:59  
Just gonna start digging my grave now.  What's the most interesting, I think? I think it's kind of like the alchemy of it. Like, it's almost, casting a spell. And especially building a spell if you're writing it yourself, or like building ritual is like bringing together all of these different puzzle pieces, that you're sort of like slotting into the right places to get the right effect, right? There are, you can pick up a stone and that stone can have like 15 different intentions assigned to it right? Or maybe you're looking for an herb for a specific intention. And there's a handful of herbs that will apply to that intention. And part of the magic to me of spellcraft and witchcraft and building practice like this is figuring out what pieces work well together and what's going to give me the most desired effect. And how, you know, three spells with the same intention and outcome can look very differently between three different practitioners. And I think that, that, like I said, alchemy part of it. The exploration and the building is just really interesting. And sort of developing my own personal gnosis over time.

LizRyth  5:16  
Okay. Yeah, for me, I definitely think a lot of it is just the fact that I have so much to learn. So like, I'm sure that my most interesting interesting thing is going to change, like, again and again and again and again.

Aradia  5:27  

LizRyth  5:27  
but especially for the last year, I have really been deep diving into Tarot. It's something even from, you know, teenage years, that was always something that really struck me was like, the art and how beautiful it was. And even the history behind it, the fact that like, it used to be just a regular deck of playing cards and stuff like that. And what I've kind of realized through all of this Tarot work is, it's not just the Tarot that interests me, it's the intuition that is linked to it. And now I'm starting into intuition work. And like, that's really got it's hold on me right now.

Aradia  6:05  
psychic development, yeah! Which is so much fun to talk about. But why don't we get into some of our other submitted questions?

LizRyth  6:14  

Aradia  6:16  
 So Liz, do you make up your own spells? Or do you use the spells of others? 

LizRyth  6:21  
See, I feel like I'm so new that this isn't a good question for me, because what I do now is it again, it's a lot of like, googling and looking up. And like, I have a roommate who worked at Barnes and Noble. So get all these books for, like, huge discounts. So I mostly have worked with like spells that other people have written out. But especially like when I can, if I can substitute something that makes more sense to me, or add something on as like a piece of something that I've done before that really felt good. I like to, basically I like to order from the menu and then customize.

Aradia  6:58  
Perfect, I love it. But that's exactly where basically everybody starts, right, because when you start with witchcraft, it is absolutely okay to use spells that other people have written. And honestly, I've been doing this for over 20 years, and I still will pull out a spell that somebody else has written because it's done, and it's easy, and I'm lazy. So it's absolutely okay to use spells that other people have written. Um, that being said, you're gonna get the biggest bang for your buck if you put the contents together yourself, because you're really customizing the outcome. And you are mindfully choosing all of the components that go into the spell, based on your intention. So every step along the way of crafting that spell from conception to actual casting, and then after the fact, is basically infused with your desired outcome, right? So you definitely get the best bang for your buck when you write it yourself. But that doesn't mean that using spells from other people are not effective or is looked down upon like I would never shame anybody for like pulling a spell out of a book. One of my favorite witchcraft authors is Judika Illes and she has this big book. It's called the the Encyclopedia of 5000 spells and it's not just spells it has other stuff in it and I adore this book. But if I will often just pull spells out of that book if I need to work with something and I don't have the time or the resources to sit down and like spend days crafting it myself.

LizRyth  8:30  
Right And I will say one of the most effective things I've ever made was Samhain last year you ran that workshop that we all did over zoom, you sent us supplies,

Aradia  8:41  

LizRyth  8:41  
And you were teaching us how to make like incense with the... Why can't I think of the word right now? The drip drop, 

Aradia  8:49  
essential oils 

LizRyth  8:50  
Thank you! So yeah, you sent us the loose incense and the herbs with the essential oils. 

Aradia  8:54  

LizRyth  8:58  
And I ended up making, again going back to Tarot, I ended up making an incense that I can burn when I'm reading. And it has blown my mind how it, like my readings change when I use it.

Aradia  9:10  
Yeah, because you're tapping into your intuition when you're putting the blend together and you're really putting your energy into it. And that's all witchcraft and spell work is is putting your energy into something to get something back

LizRyth  9:23  
and I did the number one No, no, and I did not write down what I did.

Aradia  9:25  
Oh, yeah. Listen, I still don't, I have duct tape on all of my mason jars to like that to remember to write down what's in the jar. Because if not, I won't and I won't be able to recreate that amazing tincture or flower essence I made and then I'll kick myself later on. So next question.

LizRyth  9:46  
Yes, where does the term because I'm gonna ask this one because I do not know the answer to this one. Where does the term which actually originate?

Aradia  9:54  
Oh, all right. So 

LizRyth  9:59  
we're getting, we're getting situated here 

Aradia  10:01  
rolling up my sleeves here. So a lot of people are probably not going to like the answer to this. And that's, that's too bad. Um, we don't really definitely know where the term witch comes from. What I can say with absolute certainty is that the way we use the term now, and the image that we have of a person who uses that term is not the same as the way it was used 100 years ago, and people who would be using that term are not the same as people who would be using it now. It's the origin of the word, like the earliest etymology we can find of it is from Old English, and I cannot pronounce, so I'm not even going to try. But basically the term which is derived from this old English word, right? And it sort of developed as English developed. And there are other instances of very similar words being used in like the Dutch language, for example, to describe people who did practices that we would commonly attribute with witchcraft nowadays, like dowsing, and astrology and stuff, had this sort of same root word that sounded very much like witch. And now adays, we just sort of attribute the word witch to it. The thing is, a lot of people have this romantic version of a witch, which is like this pagan outsider who lived in the woods, and like

LizRyth  10:11  
naked around the bonfire.

Aradia  11:37  
Naked around the bonfire, And like, but like the Christians would go to them, but it would be very Hush Hush. And they were like, they were like the the outcasts of society. And we look back on this sort of creation very fondly. And that's absolutely not the way it was like history does not give us this person. More often than not, when you look at people in history, using the term which it's used it was used very differently than we use it now. Witch was a creation of Christian belief, right? Witches where people who associated with the devil, but then you also had herbalists and folk healers, and people who read tea leaves on the side, and none of that was witchcraft. All of that was normal, witches associated with the devil. So the term has really evolved over time into what it is now, but we can't really look back and attribute it to the way people used it back then, like it was it was it was bad to be a witch back then. Because the definition of what a witch was was different than what it is now. 

LizRyth  12:42  
Yeah. And a lot of this and I'm hearing you know, you're constantly hearing her she when it comes to witches, but you know, obviously, witchcraft and you know, practicing and stuff like that is not gender specific, obviously. So, one of the other questions that we got is how can a male closet witch find their tribe, because I'm sure there's a lot of like stigma in their own brains and 

Aradia  13:07  

LizRyth  12:44  
elsewhere to kind of just

Aradia  13:10  
My heart aches for the people who, regardless of gender, who feel like they can't find people, you know, anybody who has to live in the broom closet, I just feel so sad for.  (Liz giggles) it's a real term!

LizRyth  13:24  
I know I'm sorry, though.  It tickles me every time. As somebody who just got accused of coming out of the closet recently, that that tickles me.

Aradia  13:35  
but, Okay, so the question is, how does a male closeted which find their tribe? And I think the answer really depends on where you live, where you are, and also, how deep in the closet you are? Like, can you not even walk into a crystal shop? Can you not even follow witchy Instagram accounts? Like how deep into the closet? Are you, right? 

LizRyth  13:58  
All I can picture is what was her name Helga Patinsky from Hey, Arnold with the shrine in her closet.  

Aradia  14:05  
oh, no, babies.  

LizRyth  14:08  
Anyway, sorry, continue. 

Aradia  14:10  
Um, but so if you aren't, most commonly it's you're not out to your family, right? And you don't want your family to find out that you're practicing witchcraft, which honey, I've been there. But the easiest way, honestly, is to use social media, especially if you're in an area where you don't have metaphysical stores or can't go into the metaphysical stores because people might see you and it gets back to the people that you don't want to know. And plus, on social media, certain social media platforms, you can maintain some level of anonymity. So if you really need to protect your identity, things like Instagram, you don't have to have it linked to Facebook. You don't have to have your real name on there. 

LizRyth  14:51  
All it takes is a spoof email and a fake name 

Aradia  14:53  
Exactly. And you can you know, follow different witchy accounts. You can find different witchy groups, by using local hashtags meetup.com is still a thing. Once upon a time, there was a website called witch vox which is dating me, but that's okay. Witch vox was wonderful for finding local practitioners and sadly rip witch Vox it is not around anymore. But Facebook groups still are if you can use Facebook. And honestly, I think one of my favorite methods is if you have a local Unitarian Universalist Church, a lot of them are very pagan centric. Being pagan is not a prerequisite to go to a UU church. They're very like welcoming of all beliefs and spiritualities which is like the whole thing of being a UU practitioner. So you can go there and just be like, I'm just looking for meaning and spirituality in my life. So I'm going to attend Sunday service at my local Unitarian Church and Oh, what's this you have a flyer posted for a local Samhain ritual?Oh, I wonder what that's all about and sort of like you will find your tribe in these places without having to like be waving your incense and magic wand from the rooftops you know,

LizRyth  16:22  
though, it can never hurt.

Aradia  16:23  
Oh yeah, it'll never hurt. But if you can't 

LizRyth  16:25  
Right, true 

Aradia  16:26  
if you have a local Unitarian Church, they're a great resource and you can like subtly ask somebody Hey, do you know of any circles or using code words like Hey, where's the local crystal shop you know 

LizRyth  16:37  
getting into that "do you listen to girl in red?"

Aradia  16:41  
Right? So there are definitely ways to sort of fly under the radar and all of these practices like crystals and Tarot they're not intrinsic to witchcraft, they're witchcraft adjacent but starting with these sort of like periphery practices and then sort of weaseling your way in and then all of a sudden you you know, have Pentacles tattooed on your fingers and are wearing witch hats and dancing naked

LizRyth  17:05  
Hey, don't diss the witch hat. The witch hat is comfy and warm. 

Aradia  17:07  
I know I know! so you can definitely ease your way into it by looking for periphery communities and utilizing social media. 

LizRyth  17:17  

Aradia  17:17  
and the anonymity that comes with that

LizRyth  17:19  
and I know I feel like a good and correct me if I'm projecting I feel like a lot of this is based around that like gender idea and like any witch that I know and granted I don't know a lot of them yet, but any witch I know or that I've interacted with on social media. I don't think they would ever ever even bat an eye at a male practitioner coming up to them and joining the group and asking questions and talking about the experience so I don't it's not as big of a deal as sometimes it feels

Aradia  17:48  
the gender thing is absolutely not that big of a deal like at the shop where I work a lot of the female identifying will come in and look for crystals and look for Sage bundles and then the male identifying will come in and be like Yo, what's the weirdest occult item you have and I have to flounder because we're just a generic spiritual shop I'm like yeah you know behind the curtain in the back room but like it's it's pretty evenly split and actually some of the male identifying practitioners will be more open about the fact that hey, I'm looking for witchcraft group. Do you have any here whereas the girls will be like, Oh, I just want my rose quartz Um, and then also do you do anything for the full moon? Like, there's so many different ways to come at it. But I would I a true practitioner is not going to blink an eye about your gender at all. And if they are you don't want to practice with them anyway. 

LizRyth  18:48  
Right? If they do that's not any energy that you need. 

Aradia  18:50  
so, if you're specifically looking for like a male oriented group, or like only men to work with, that might be a little bit harder, because most groups are, are coed. I know they exist, though. Like up here, near where we are, we have the temple of witchcraft, which has, you know, smaller temples within the organization for just female identifying and just male identifying, and they have like a queer circle. So you can sometimes find stuff like that, but it's definitely harder. In general, you'll find co Ed groups that will be welcoming of everybody.

LizRyth  19:28  
And the queer circles are absolutely circles because we can't do anything straight. 

Aradia  19:34  
So moving on, 

LizRyth  19:36  
Moving on! so one of the questions that I actually really liked is, how do I find resources for ancestral cultural prac- practices, and the original poster mentioned Slavic practice, specifically, which I like because my ancestry is very heavily Irish and Slavic, more Swedish than Slavic but we're in that same area. Um, And I know we're going to be doing a full episode on like how to do research and find good sources. But like when you're looking for something cul- like cultural specific, Is there like a starting point that you can kind of point to?

Aradia  20:13  
I always tell people, the first thing you want to do if you're looking for cultural practice, like to build something based on your ancestry is to go read the history of the location, go read, especially like the folklore and mythology. Like, the perfect example, honestly, is if you're getting into Norse paganism, right? Like, we don't have clear documentation of the way Norse pagans, and I'm saying this with air quotes, practice, right, because basically, everything we have written down from Norse, Swedish Scandinavian Viking era, was written by the Christians after the fact. So the best place to find information about the way these people actually practiced is from reading like the eddas. And then from there, you sort of have to do a little extrapolation and go Okay, well, this is how they talk about Thor, right? So if I want to start worshipping Thor, I'm going to pull things from these eddas these folklore and stories that these actual people had and still have and build my practice around that. Folklore is rich and super in depth and detailed when it comes to like actual belief of an area because that's where folklore comes from. Like these people believe these certain things and most folk- folklore you can really break down and figure out like, how the belief came about, or like where this folklore or this myth started and use that as a basis for building up your ancestral practice. And then also like talking to family if you have access to family or talking to just other people who are currently living in the culture now. Sometimes they can bring to light things that you maybe miss from those folklore and myths stories or can't quite extrapolate or make sense of talking to people who currently live immersed in that culture is a huge resource

LizRyth  22:12  
especially because a lot of stuff like that got passed down word of mouth as well 

Aradia  22:16  

LizRyth  22:16  
so even things like bedtime stories that you were told as a kid or like things that get told on specific you know days holidays What have you like those stories can still especially and again, you mentioned Norse especially with Norse where the gods have such personality and like that was documented so like you can kind of like obviously Thor you're gonna you know enjoy thunder and lightning storms and you're gonna like drink lots of beer and mead and all that like it's it's cheesy but it's it's kind of true you know, like

Aradia  22:16  
but so going with the Thor example you can also read stories of Thor and extrapolate from that, you know, he was the voice of the Aesir right like He, along with a couple of the other gods were like, they were basically like the face of the group. You know, Thor was a natural born leader 

LizRyth  23:06  
He's the party's Bard. 

Aradia  23:08  
but not even that so like Marvel has definitely twisted some of these characters right but like, Thor was very much like he was he was the rock he was the the groundedness he was. He was the face of the people like even Odin sometimes would look to Thor and be like, you cool with this? You cool? Okay, you're cool. We're cool, guys. We're cool. Um, so being able to take from that, like, leadership is going to be important to the worship of Thor, right? and honor and supporting your brethren are going to be important to the worship of Thor. So if you're building a Norse practice based on worshiping and honoring Thor, like you best be at the backs of your community, and supporting your friends and loved ones, or else like he's gonna be mad at you, because you're not living up to his name, you know? And these are all things that you can interpret, based on reading stories about him.

LizRyth  24:04  
 So he's the Paladin. 

Aradia  24:06  
Yes! Thor is much more a paladin than a bard. Honestly

LizRyth  24:09  
Yeah, no, for sure. So another question that I think both of us might have a bit of a hard time answering a Book of Shadows. So that's like, that's like the stereotypical like, like, bring me my book. Like, *sing song* booook!

Aradia  24:27  
oh yeah. Yes, absolutely. Or like, the epic Book of Shadows from charmed. Back in the 90s.

LizRyth  24:38  
Hey, Aradia. You know how I haven't seen anything?

Aradia  24:42  
You haven't seen Charmed?

LizRyth  24:42  
I haven't seen Charmed 

Aradia  24:43  
Okay, but can you at least imagine 

LizRyth  24:44  
 oh yeah, yeah,

Aradia  24:46  
All over media. Also, your homework assignment is to go watch Charmed. Um, but like all of these in media, you have all these different like these epic tomes and grimoires and stuff, and I'm gonna be completely honest with you. I don't have One, I have, over the years tried to start some sort of written, collected resource of ideas and concepts and theories. And I always abandon them. But that's probably the ADHD and perfectionism saying, If I don't get this perfectly right the first time, I'm not even going to bother starting it, because I'm not going to finish it. But I also don't think that a Book of Shadows is necessary. And I think that you can do it in a bunch of different ways. And it doesn't have to look like the book from charmed, or the book from practical magic, or the book from Hocus Pocus, it can be a Google Drive, you know, it can be a three ring binder with lined paper, it can be notes on your phone, I have used all three of these I currently, at the same time, use all three. Because I have different resources in different places. That makes the most sense for me and the way I practice. So when building a Book of Shadows, I think probably the first thing, the first question you want to answer, the most important thing is what's going to make most sense for the way you practice. You know, if you do a lot of aesthetic stuff, and you sit down at an altar, every time you cast a spell, and it's all very like ritual and ceremonial then and and you're like a crafter or a scrapbooker or something. And absolutely, you can put together this big, beautiful Book of Shadows, but I'm always on the move, I'm never in the same place twice, I'm either at home, or I'm at work, or I'm on location, like somebody asked me to come to them, or I'm teaching a class or, you know, I'm in the kitchen doing something and then I need to move to the backyard and like I'm chaotic and all over the place. So having something that's very portable, like something I can access on my phone is my best option. And then I can organize it the way I want and move things around as necessary. And like copy in pictures that I've found or pictures that I've taken. And I'm saving paper because I'm not printing a million things a million times every time I find like a typo or something.

LizRyth  27:09  
Right, and witchcraft, there's nothing that says witchcraft have to it has to stay in like the 18th century. You can come to the future

Aradia  27:17  
technology and witchcraft are not antithetical to each other. And in fact, like, some of my favorite divination methods include streaming music, like it you can you can merge technology and modern day like convenience into your witchcraft. It's okay witchcraft is an evolving practice of the people, it's okay.

LizRyth  27:37  
See, for me, I've tried to start a Book of Shadows a couple times as well. But what happens to me is I'll start, like doing this research, and a couple different things happen. One is, this is so basic, why am I writing this down? This is something that I should know already, like, the Wheel of the Year. And then there's other stuff that it's, it's, it's like, Okay, I'm writing this information down. But how do I know if this is a good source? How do I know if this is true? How do I know if this isn't just somebody's personal opinion. And like, I get so discouraged by those things that just like you, I end up abandoning it and just kind of like fluttering in the wind? Like, yeah, now the only the only thing that I have written down like, and I still use is my Tarot journal, because I have a journal that has a page for each card. And I can write down like intuition work on each card. And that's the only thing I still have and still use. 

Aradia  28:33  
And that's absolutely perfect. Because my first suggestion to somebody after like, figure out what resource works best for you, is to like, just start a magical journal, you know, don't jump right into creating this, like huge ancestral Grimoire that you can pass on to your children and your grandchildren and shit. Like, just start a journal, start taking notes. Every time you cast a spell start. um making notes and writing down interesting things that you hear reference books that you have page numbers and stuff. Bullet journals are actually kind of amazing for this, like the structure of a bullet journal. 

LizRyth  29:09  

Aradia  29:10  
 I have three notebooks in my bag right now. One is, for

LizRyth  29:15  
one thing you can count on is Aradia having a journal on them at any time.

Aradia  29:19  
Yeah, Journal, book, tarot deck. So one of my journals is more of like a structured, day to day, this is what I did this is you know how I built this thing. But I'm sort of like I'm doing witchy stuff almost every day because it's part of my job. So I'm keeping track of a lot of these things. I have another journal that's a bit more like what do I want to do? What do I have planned for the future? If I'm writing out like full spells, I'll put it in this bigger book. But then I have another journal that is like true diary form. Like today I felt a strong call from this ancestor and sat down to pull some tarot cards and these are the card As I pulled and, this is what I think it means. And so, like, I've got different notebooks for different things, basically. And I think that's okay, you know, and then I have my Materia Medica, which is like an herbal journal essentially have that all on my computer so that I can constantly be adding to those documents and editing things as necessary. If we learn new things about a plant or an herb, I can edit that document instead of having to like scratch a whole page and start over stuff like that. So like having a journal, like a magical journal, where you can just document your practice, and then having different organizational resources for actual information. And I want to touch on something you said to where you were like, you know, why am I writing this down? That seems so basic, I should know this already. Right? First of all, everybody starts somewhere. Second of all, I still forget, like, the correspondences to the days of the week. And that seems like a very basic thing. 

LizRyth  30:58  

Aradia  30:59  
I still forget when certain holidays are!

LizRyth  31:01  
I saw your TikTok  like it's the fall equinox.

Aradia  31:05  
Well, so the equinoxes and the solstices are never on the same day because they're astronomical occurrences. So they change like a day or two every year, and I they will sneak up on me in a dark alley every single year. And like the fall Equinox is one of my favorite days of the year and I realized 3:30pm that day that I'm like, Oh shit, it's the equinox today I didn't do anything. Which is okay, you don't have to. but, um

LizRyth  31:31  
 and then when it comes to so back to Book of Shadows, the reason there was a slight sound interruption I'm trying to turn this down really quick, because I want to I want to credit the person I'm going to mention there's a creator on tik tok who does her Book of Shadows as a scrapbook 

Aradia  31:47  
which is super cool. 

LizRyth  31:48  
It is beautiful.

Aradia  31:49  
I am so jealous of those people who can do that I'm not that person

LizRyth  31:53  
I'm trying to find her cuz she's also just hilarious I like her a lot and we're gonna do episodes on like, our favorite witchy creators and stuff.

Aradia  32:00  
Yeah, and we can absolutely put any of the resources that we go over any of the authors, tiktok accounts Instagram, anything like that. We'll put in the show notes too. 

LizRyth  32:09  

Aradia  32:09  
so people can find all this stuff.

LizRyth  32:10  
She's She's hilarious. And like, I love watching her content and her book is beautiful. oh there she is! Jessie_streek, and we'll put that in the show notes so you can find her but she's hilarious and her spell book is beautiful.

Aradia  32:14  
I'll have to go find her I don't I don't actually watch witchtok It's awful. I'm make I have 

LizRyth  32:35  
you're on witchtok Aradia!  

Aradia  32:35  
 I am I have a lot of people who watch me on tik tok shout out to everybody who's watching me on tik tok who is that's how they found this podcast. I don't witchtok does not come up in my for you feed. And I try. I'll search out like common hashtags. And I will watch a few videos and I'll have to put my phone down and walk away because there's a lot of good information on the internet and there is a lot more bad information on the internet so just keep that in mind.

LizRyth  33:01  
She reminds me of you in some ways where she's like no go look stuff up. Yes, like okay, not everything is gonna be and she does like super relatable stuff to like she did one like oh yeah, I can do a protection spell nothing bad's gonna happen and then next you look it blew up and she's like, What the heck? So like it's I like her a lot

Aradia  33:18  
no and it's awesome. Research is your best friend as a witch. I know it sounds lame and mundane, but it really is. So that's how you start a Book of Shadows moving on

LizRyth  33:28  
correspondences! days of the week. You mentioned that 

Aradia  33:31  
I did 

LizRyth  33:32  
do they actually matter that much?

Aradia  33:34  
So if it's gonna prevent you from actually practicing, no, they don't matter. Um a big a big issue that I run into is Astro- astrological correspondences. People are like, Oh, the moon is in Libra. So I can't cast a Love Spell because it won't work right or something. Like correspondences are there for you to bolster your spells in your work? You're laughing at me! 

LizRyth  34:04  
No, I'm laughing at this. All I can think about out right now. We're starting this podcast in Mercury Haterade.

Aradia  34:10  
we are. It is Mercury Retrograde right now. And you know what? I don't care.

LizRyth  34:16  
so sorry, that's what I was laughing because I'm laughing and how funny I am in my own head.

Aradia  34:21  
So okay, so correspondences. They're there to bolster your spell, right? using certain colors using certain scents using certain days of the week and astrological occurrences will help add energy to your spell. But at the end of the day, if you're not fueling the spell, then it's just going to kind of fizzle and go pop, right? So correspondences are important up until they start to become a hindrance. when they're a hindrance, If you are waiting to cast a spell because you're waiting for the perfect timing, or if God forbid you have like a job interview tomorrow, but the best time to cast a job related spell is in two weeks from now, cast the spell now! like don't wait Because your energy and your intention and your desire to see the outcome of that spell is going to be more important than waiting for Tuesday at 2pm. 

LizRyth  35:07  
See one of the things that I find too is correspondences are one of the easiest parts to customize a pre written spell. Because those correspondences have more to do with what you attribute to that tool scent item, whatever, then what's written down in a book, even if it's a good source, what you attribute is better and stronger than what's written on a piece of paper. 

Aradia  35:30  

LizRyth  35:31  
So like, they, yes, they can matter. But you can make them matter yourself.

Aradia  35:38  
Like I tell people this with colors all the time. 

LizRyth  35:40  

Aradia  35:40  
right color correspondence, color Magic is huge. It's easy. It's simple. You want to boost of power for your day, put on a red shirt, right? Like, it's, unless you're on Star Trek, it's the easiest way to to infuse your day with magic. But when it comes to colors, like people have different associations with different colors,

LizRyth  35:59  
what's your- what's your- what color is math? 

Aradia  36:01  
What color is math?  

LizRyth  36:02  
What color is math?

Aradia  36:02  
what color folder is math? 

LizRyth  36:03  

Aradia  36:04  
math is blue. Math is blue, science is green. And Languate Arts is red!

LizRyth  36:08  
See I usually swapped those!  

Aradia  36:11  
science is the study of Earth and the natural world, and Earth is green 

LizRyth  36:15  
but ocean blue! 

Aradia  36:17  
but Earth is green!

LizRyth  36:19  
So like things like that correspondences, different people can have different correspondences to different things.

Aradia  36:24  
My favorite example is, yellow is often associated with happiness. But maybe you absolutely hate the color yellow, and you have really fond memories of your grandmother, and her favorite color was blue. So blue might be your color of happiness, because that's the emotion that it evokes in you when you see it. And that's where the magic comes from that feeling that energy that gets raised within us when we're looking at these colors or, you know, what have you so especially with stuff like color magic, like it's very personalized, and it's very specific to the to the practictioner

LizRyth  36:57  
and cultural to, like you think, like Chinese weddings, horrible luck to wear white. Red, red is the is the luck color for Chinese weddings.

Aradia  36:57  
Right! Because in a lot of Eastern culture, white is the color of death. 

LizRyth  37:10  

Aradia  37:11  
Not black, like in Western culture. So it's very cultural, it's very specific to the person. So correspondences matter when they help you. They don't matter when they hinder you.

LizRyth  37:21  
So going back to the whole equinoxes, and all of that, is there a best time to start your practice, whether it's like a time in the month time of the year? That it, you know, is there a good time I know like Wiccans do their year in a day study and stuff like that,  But what do you think? 

Aradia  37:43  
that's going to be very dependent upon the practitioner, if there is a day that is sacred to you. And you want to start your official, dedicated practice on a sacred Day to you, because that day holds a lot of energy and you feel like it's really going to bolster your practice. And absolutely, you can absolutely time it that way. It's also practice dependent. So like certain traditions will say, we start training on this day, whether it's, you know, Yule or Imbolc, or Samhain or whatever, you start training on a certain day and you go through that whole year of the day, year and a day, training time period before you like fully get initiated into a tradition. But that's all very Wicca. In general, I don't really think there's a best time to start. Mostly because I think like a lot of people's foray into witchcraft is very gradual. Like a lot of times you start with sort of gateway practices. That sort of you 

LizRyth  38:51  

Aradia  38:51  
Exactly! Tarot, or like crystals are so freaking popular everywhere right now

LizRyth  38:55  
Oh, I know especially right now.

Aradia  38:56  
Yeah, Crystal magic is absolutely a gateway drug into witchcraft. 

LizRyth  38:59  
Hey yo you get that moldavite?

Aradia  39:02  
So I think like the fact that you know, you pick up a couple of crystals and then while you're at the crystal store, they sell Tarot decks, and you're like, Oh, well, you know, I've heard a lot about that Tarot, grab a tarot deck, and then you start you know, burning some, some incense and mugwort or some rosemary while you're reading tarot cards, and all of a sudden, you wake up one day, and you're like, I'm a fucking witch, when did that happen? So like, there isn't necessarily a best time to start, because a lot of it is very gradual, and you're sort of working your way into it. And a lot of people will do a lot of reading and research before they even do anything. And that's another good point, too. Like, what do you consider starting your practice? Like, where does that flag come up? Is it when you cast your first spell? When you buy your first witchcraft book, when you attend your first Sabbat ritual, like what do you consider starting it?

LizRyth  39:47  
I mean, honestly, and I've heard you say this a lot is it's just when you decide that you are.

Aradia  39:52  
Yeah, I think it's as simple as Hey, I feel witchy I like the things that witches do I want to do that Things Too now I'm a witch and it's just as simple as that.

LizRyth  40:04  
So things that witches do. Another question that we got was, Is it wrong to get into witchcraft specifically for like the spirituality of deity work, but you can even kind of expand that question into Is it wrong to get into witchcraft for just a singular portion of witchcraft?

Aradia  40:23  
That I think is a really good question because a lot of, there's a lot of misconception about nowadays, feels like everybody is doing deity work, which isn't a bad thing, right? You know, having religion and having purpose in your life is not a bad thing. But witchcraft itself is not a religion. witchcraft is a practice it is a set of skills. It's a thing that you do, it's a craft, right? whereas it pairs really well with religion like Wicca like various paganisms. Even you know, Christianity, and you can have like Jewish mysticism, and Jewish witches and stuff like that. It witchcraft pairs very well with these beliefs. Now, you can absolutely use witchcraft as a gateway for deity work. As long as you understand that witch- witchcraft and the practice of worshipping a deity go hand in hand, but aren't necessarily the same thing. Because you can have just as easily as you can have Christian witches and pagan witches and Jewish witches, you can have atheist witches. So I don't think it's wrong to do it. Absolutely not. And witchcraft gives you a lot of really interesting and unique tools to work with deity and work with spirit in general. So I don't think it's wrong, but I also don't think it's necessary.

LizRyth  41:36  
Well, and one of the things too is is witchcraft is such a personal practice, it can really be whatever you want it to be. So if you want your witchcraft to be just about, you know, serving your deity, and communicating with your deity and things like that, I mean, I don't see anything wrong with it, that a lot of what we're going to talk about is the fact that you personalize your craft to you. 

Aradia  41:58  
Oh, yeah. 

LizRyth  41:58  

Aradia  41:59  
Like I definitely think that there are a couple things that are intrinsic to witchcraft. And if you don't do those things, then you're not practicing witchcraft. But at the same time, within the practice of witchcraft, there are so many different things that you can, you know, pick and choose to build your practice, within reason, as long as you're not appropriating anything, and you're not, you know, harming yourself or harming other people. You can really build a practice that's unique and personal to you, which is, you know, our entire plan for this podcast and, you know, basically my life's work is making sure people understand that they don't have to stick by a certain set of rules. As long as you're being responsible and thinking critically and doing what feels right to you and not harming anybody. You can really build a practice that fits what you need it to do. And that's kind of like the glory of witchcraft right is that it can be very moldable so if you get into witchcraft for the spirituality of deity and spirit work that's okay

LizRyth  43:04  
and I do know that we have a full episode planned on deity work 

Aradia  43:07  

LizRyth  43:08  
at some point so keep stay tuned because that is coming a lot of these questions especially ones kind of on the back burner um not back burner but like at the end of the list are going to have full episodes later as well. So yeah, I'm excited for those but Deity work is absolutely going to be one of them.

Aradia  43:24  

LizRyth  43:27  
The list of questions is dwindling

Aradia  43:30  
What else did we want to make sure to

LizRyth  43:33  
I know there were some questions about like crystals and energy work that again we're going to be doing like full episodes on like how to charge crystals and how to things of that nature so those are going to be full episodes.

Aradia  43:44  
Yeah, well how to charge your crystal you don't have to episode over right? No, really stick around for that one because I have a lot of things to say about it.

LizRyth  43:54  
Another thing that you can pretty pretty much guarantee that Aradia has on them at any time is a pocket full of rocks.

Aradia  44:02  
I Yes, actually. don't currently have a pocket full of rocks right now. Call me out. I am wearing my yoga pants

LizRyth  44:11  
 Oh, oh yeah no pockets. 

Aradia  44:14  
But yes, on tomorrow I'll have a pocket full of rocks. I have lots of thoughts on rocks and pockets full of rocks. 

LizRyth  44:20  
The other day, my roommate was headed to their first day of work and was very nervous. So I literally went over and I pick up pretty rock I walk over I put pretty rock in handed I go here this will make you feel better.

Aradia  44:35  
And did it make them feel better?

LizRyth  44:36  
I believe so. He's not listening right now. okay so!

Aradia  44:40  
pretty rocks make everybody feel better

LizRyth  44:42  

Aradia  44:43  
moving on

LizRyth  44:44  
 another question that we got that I think it kind of stopped me in my tracks a little bit. Does witchcraft have a new age problem?

Aradia  44:52  
Boy, we're gonna get haters in the first episode. Um, all right. So

LizRyth  44:57  
So So first, let's clarify cuz I know you Asked the poster. What exactly is a new age problem? 

Aradia  45:04  
Yeah I I'm, I was pretty confident that I knew exactly what she was getting at. But I just wanted to clarify. Um, so when we talk about New Age practices, new age, spirituality is very much sort of like what's trending right now with spirituality, like using crystals to enhance certain areas of your life is very new age. You know, Moon circles, oh my god, women's circles on like, full moons and stuff is so new age. And I'm not using this term to say any of this is bad because I have pockets full of rocks, right? So none of this is bad, but like, a lot of it is very trendy. And I think that's what the the questioner was getting at. Does witchcraft. Not so much have a new age problem. But does witchcraft has have a trendy problem

LizRyth  45:57  
kind of going back to like me in high school thinking it's, it's cool, and the aesthetic is awesome, right? You know, it helps that I've come into this path as an adult now, but like, it's kind of kind of I feel like I get that kind of feel. from this question, you know what I mean?

Aradia  46:13  
So and we touched on this a little bit earlier where there's a difference between witchcraft and a lot of the practices that we're going to talk about that go along with witchcraft, like reading Tarot and using crystals and using herbs. It's all sort of witchcraft adjacent, right? So you can read Tarot and you can be a witch or you can read Tarot and you can not be a witch

LizRyth  46:34  
 we have a friend that does that. 

Aradia  46:36  
Exactly. Um, so it's, I mean, this friend is coming to the Samhain Circle later this month and is starting to get into it because stuff like reading Tarot, 

LizRyth  46:45  

Aradia  46:45  
is very much a gateway drug. But it's not the same thing. Like witchcraft and reading Tarot. For example, to keep with that example developed very much independent of each other. And only in the past, like maybe 50 years have become very entwined. And there's a lot of there's a lot of trouble with witchcraft and social media right now. So on a very basic level, like you have these amazingly beautiful to look at Instagram accounts, right, that are staged and curated and so cool, but that's not necessarily the reality of witchcraft. Like if you have a clean and beautiful looking witchcraft practice 24/7  my hat is tipped to you good sir or madam because my witchcraft looks very messy and chaotic. If you were to Instagram my practice, nobody would want to look at that feed.  and I think a lot of people are getting into witchcraft thinking that it's very much the former it's very much the insta witch you know it's going to my life is going to be all light and beauty and perfection because this is what I see these Instagram witches doing or these TikTok witches doing and you get into it, and that's not what it does. It's definitely a tool to help you get to that point if that's what you want to do. But it's not like a it's not a fix all or cure all.

LizRyth  48:18  
I do feel like some of these like these like curated things contribute to a sense of imposter syndrome too when people are starting to because it's again for people like you and I where we're like the perfectionist ADHD. Like it almost discourages you from starting because like I look at my altar right now and I'm like, that's not anywhere near like some of the stuff that you see online. And, you know, you're especially anybody raised in a certain religion that likes guilt a whole lot. It's like it's not good enough. It's not good enough. So like, 

Aradia  48:51  
Yeah absolutely. No, you You are absolutely hitting a nail on the head there where like, you look at these feeds, and you're like, Well, my witchcraft doesn't look like that. So they must be a better witch than me. And no, no, please don't think that because it's got nothing to do with the way it looks and everything to do with the power behind your magic. You know, I think another issue with this new age problem and talking about social media with witchcraft specifically is that anybody can post anything on social media, right? So there is a lot of misinformation that goes and runs rampant through unfortunately places like TikTok especially. The reason I started making TikToks and got on TikTok in the first place was because I was watching a bunch and going all of this is wrong. Why are you people saying this you're gonna get somebody hurt or worse like

LizRyth  49:44  
it started with your shop getting 5 million calls a day about moldevite. 

Aradia  49:48  

LizRyth  49:49  
And you were like, why is moldevite so crazy right now?

Aradia  49:52  
That's another story though.

LizRyth  49:52  
 I was like, it's all over TikTok

Aradia  49:54  
That's another story for another day. The reason I started making TikTok videos

LizRyth  49:58  
Yeah yeah yeah.  

Aradia  49:58  
was because I wanted People I wanted to and I don't even want people to necessarily buy what I'm saying 100% I want to encourage people to think critically about the content that they're taking in. You know, and that's a big problem with social media right now, not just with witchcraft, like everywhere, like, people don't open articles, they just read the, the the title of the article, and they share it. Yeah, clickbait witchcraft. And like, I feel like people have forgotten how to vet resources. And that's a huge thing. Because like you don't, you don't know where this content is coming from. And like, things do have power. And if you're using things in the wrong context, you're not going to be getting the right results. And you're going to think that something wrong with you, but it's not, it's because your resources are bad. At best, they're just misunderstood. and at worst, they're deliberately misleading. You know, like, there, there was a TikTok, I saw where somebody was showing people how to make a curse jar. And it was like, add, you know, bleach and this and that, and then top it off with like urine to seal the spell. And I was like, Oh, my God, don't do that. If you that's that's how you create toxic fumes. And

LizRyth  51:23  
I was gonna say guess what's in urine? ammonia! Guess what ammonia mixed with bleach does? chloroform.

Aradia  51:29  
like. And that's a lot of,

LizRyth  51:32  
you're cursing yourself there. 

Aradia  51:33  
Yeah! Like, that's a lot of the stuff that you find on social media. And it's really hard, like people have lost the ability almost to wade through the good content from the bullshit. And I think in that sense, witchcraft, witchcraft, absolutely has a new age problem, and has a trendy problem and has a social media problem, because people just go, Oh, I want completely benign example. carnelian was super popular on tik tok for a while, and we completely sold out of it at my store. And people were like, Oh, I'm coming in for carnelian. Because I saw this TikTok the, like, this woman had carnelian. And she had all these men fallen, falling all over her and throwing themselves at her. And I'm like, honey, that's not what carnelian is for carnelian will absolutely increase your confidence. But it's not going to like, pull suitors from nowhere, right? And so like, on a, on an more benign end of the scale, like you're wasting money. And money is important to people's livelihood. And if you're convincing all these people that they need these stones, or these tools, or they need to do things a certain way. And then they go and do these things, and nothing happens. They're wasting their time, they're wasting their money. And it's just it's irresponsible to be putting content like that out there. Even if you're not causing physical harm to somebody, like maybe they spent their last $10 on a carnelian Stone, because they told them that it would help them meet the love of their life. And now they can't have dinner tonight. And they're not going to meet the love of their life. Like it's it definitely there's definitely an issue that needs to be addressed in terms of witchcraft and New Age trend and social media. And that's not even talking about like toxic positivity. And, and, like gatekeeping, and oh my god, we can make an entire episode. About whether witchcraft has a new age problem, because the more I talk about this, the more I'm realizing that there's a lot of different aspects to that, to the answer to that question.

LizRyth  53:27  
I know I know we have an episode not even just like, who do we follow? And who do we watch but we have an episode on like, witchtok specifically coming up. So we can we can kind of talk about that at the same time, too. But like, again, like the the cost of it, going back to moldevite that is not a cheap Stone!

Aradia  53:45  
Nooo. Tiny ass fuckin. It's not even it's not even. It's molten glass. Yeah, it's glass. It is a rock. It's not a crystal, it's glass. And it costs $100 for a piece that's the size of your thumb, like your thumbnail, I'm sorry. It's and that's on a good day, like, use that money to pay your rent. There are better stones than moldevite that you can find, but social media tells you that that's the stone you need. So that's the stone you have to go by like,

LizRyth  54:15  
so rewind a little bit. I want to touch on something. I know you said it. So it feels like people forgot how to how to research good sources. 

Aradia  54:25  

LizRyth  54:26  
I went to public school. I grew up in a not so good city. The only sourcing I was ever taught about was from an encyclopedia in a library and they don't have those for witchcraft. So I will make that argument though. It's a lot of people haven't been taught how to find good sources beyond what you need to write an MLA paper, or whatever

Aradia  54:46  
right. Alright, so I'm going to give me my favorite tip right now and then we'll have a whole other episode about it. If you are getting information from a website, scroll down to the bottom of that website, especially if it's like a news website or something and not like somebody's Personal Book of Shadows online or something, scroll down to the bottom of that website and click the about link in the very bottom menu. And like, just keep clicking links to find out who really owns that website who is responsible for putting content on that website. It's something I learned, when looking for verifiable sources for doing research papers and stuff. To know whether or not the information that's coming at you is biased, because you can eventually get back far enough to know who owns that website. Like, the website may be a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Fox News, right? You know, and you don't necessarily know that looking at the page itself, but you can do a little digging and figure it out. And then you know, okay, this, this information might swing a little conservative, because it's coming from Fox News.

LizRyth  55:45  
I feel like a lot of it too, especially with books, like, almost anybody can get a book published at this point, in some way, shape, or form. So like, you stand at that book section in Barnes and Noble or whatever, because that's where most people are gonna go. And you see an author's name, and it's like, okay, like, How do I know who this person is? How do I know if they're, you know, they've been in the field for X amount of years or whatever it so humble bundle? Has I sent this to you has that that big, massive collection of witchcraft books right now and Wicca books, and I had to send it to you and be like, what's up? And you were like, hey, some of my favorite authors are on that. 

Aradia  56:21  

LizRyth  56:21  
So I was like, Okay, cool. So this probably is a good thing to get. But like, you go, I had an issue with this when I was getting into runes, and 

Aradia  56:30  
I remember that book 

LizRyth  56:30  
I found that book, and I got so angry, because it it, it was not a credible source at all. And this guy kind of, I felt like I got taken for a ride, because I didn't notice it until halfway through the book. And like, my brain holds on to information. So now I have all this information in my head that I have to remember, isn't correct. 

Aradia  56:50  

LizRyth  56:51  
 and all these associations that were made. And like so yeah, it's it's one of those things like, okay, yeah, we get a name, but like, how do we know who the hell that person is? 

Aradia  57:01  
I don't know if this is still a pervasive problem. But there was a problem for a while where you can self publish ebooks on Amazon?

Aradia  57:08  
 Oh, yeah, you still can. 

Aradia  57:09  
well you I know, you can still do that. But there was a problem where there were witchcraft, specifically books being published, like multiple books a month, from the same author, or multiple books on the same topic a month from different authors, and it was all the same rehashed information, it was just worded differently. And they were just putting it out in as many skins as possible to make money. And it like, it wasn't necessarily bad information. But it wasn't very good information, it wasn't very in depth information. So you really need to be careful everywhere about the resources, like if, and your example with that rune book is perfect, because if it if it makes you feel uncomfortable reading it, if something just makes you feel off about it, it doesn't matter who the author is, it could be a nobody, it could be one of my favorites. If I feel off reading the content that they're putting out, I'm not using it and I'm probably not going to finish the book, right? Because your gut is more important than anything and your intuition is going to tell you when something is off.

LizRyth  58:09  
So what flagged me is it's it's a it's a book about the the Norse futhark runes. And they started mentioning Christian saints. And I was like, hold up? Excuse?

Aradia  58:22  
So see, that's very unique problem in the sense that

LizRyth  58:26  
and heaven, and they start like, yeah

Aradia  58:29  
the information that we have about, you know, the Viking era air quotes comes from Christian writers. So it's sometimes really hard to like separate those two things like separate the the bias of the author from the content itself, which is another whole different issue.

LizRyth  58:47  
And I don't want to get into this too much because we did we like I said, it's gonna be a fairly re- like it's coming up soon. the episode on how to do research, because that's one of the things we wanted to touch on really early.

Aradia  58:57  
So why don't we hit one more question? Cause we're coming up on time. What's your ultimate step one to start practicing?

LizRyth  59:05  
So I really like this question because this is the step that I definitely missed. Okay, like I feel very much like the like I said, the phrase that I've been using is floating in the wind and I know this is this is going to be your answer. But it's it's learning your energy. 

Aradia  59:23  

LizRyth  59:23  
 And and learning how to like, not only just manipulate your energy, but get familiar with it. 

Aradia  59:29  

LizRyth  59:29  
Because like now that I'm actually starting like after all this time, starting to try and tap into that and do that. It. It has such huge effect. Like uncomfortably so like you feel overstimulated or drained or what have you. And it's like I'm trying to do because, you know, at this point, I've been doing research for a while. It's like okay, I want to try the other things, but I really do i do have to go back to my basics and learn that first. Because it's, it's been a roller coaster.

Aradia  1:00:02  
The thing with energy work, like everybody always overlooks it. But learning how to identify, manipulate, raise, cleanse energy is literally the foundation for any other thing you're gonna do as a witch, anything you did, I challenged somebody to give me a practice that doesn't involve identifying or manipulating energy in some way. And it's not even, like restricted to just witchcraft, like, Christians need to know how to work with their energy, because that's what prayer work is like. Energy work is so incredibly important. And I, my ultimate step one is definitely when you start to research, like start reading and researching first, that's your step one, right. But what you need to start reading and researching first is definitely how to notice your energy field, how to work with your energy field, how to start identifying the energy fields of other things. Like when I teach Reiki, this is our step one, before I even talk about what Reiki is, we're talking about energy, we're taking a field trip upstairs to the shop, so that people can like hold stones and touch plants and stuff like that. Because all of these things that are like natural resources of the earth have energy in them, everything has spirit, everything has energy, and being able to sense it and raise it and direct it is what spellcraft is, you know, you can like, say some pretty words and like light a flower on fire, and it's not going to do anything, unless you're fueling the spell with energy. That's what gets the result at the end, that's what gets you your goal. Using the the words and using the fire and using the herbs, just sort of help bolster your energy. But your energy is what's making the difference when you're casting. And it's so incredibly important. You can't cast a spell if you can't feel it, right, you know. And then learning how to ground and shield and cleanse your energy and the energy of your space is absolutely integral to all of this work. So learn your energy, learn how to sense your energy, learn how to manipulate and raise and ground your energy before you do anything else.

LizRyth  1:02:21  
And yeah, so that is why it's going to be another full episode again, fairly soon. So with that, we are running out of time. So 

Aradia  1:02:33  
thank you so much. If you listened to this point 

LizRyth  1:02:35  
our rambling,

Aradia  1:02:37  
our ranting and rambling, we have lots of thoughts on lots of things.

LizRyth  1:02:41  
And we are super excited to continue bringing them to you. And in the vein, we would absolutely love it If you could share Two By Torchlight with your friends with people that you might be interested in, share it on your social medias, it would be a huge help to us anybody that you think might be interested, even if it's even if they're not practicing witches, or anything like that, just anybody that would like to listen to us ramble like I do.

Aradia  1:03:11  
Yeah, and, you know, make sure you leave us a review on any streaming platform that you happen to be listening to us on. It really helps visibility, you know, and feeding that algorithm and getting the podcast out there for more people. Because we really want to be able to help people and you know, help them feel comfortable in their skin and not any of that imposter syndrome, or feeling like they have to do some things a certain way. I think if there's one thing that people could walk away from this podcast understanding is that it doesn't have to be a certain way. And you don't have to follow a strict set of rules. There really, there are very few roles in witchcraft,

LizRyth  1:03:54  
right. And if your platform of choice doesn't support reviews, pod chaser and iTunes are the most popular if you would like to support us in that way you absolutely don't have to. But if you're looking for a way to that is where you can, 

Aradia  1:04:07  
and we would super love you forever and send you all the good Juju. 

LizRyth  1:04:10  
And if you want to interact with us, or get between episodes, little, you know information nuggets or if we ever have to reach out for questions again, or things like that. You can follow us on our many, many social media accounts, Two By Torchlight everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, everywhere. We also have a website, you can find us places we were prepared.

Aradia  1:04:34  
We also had a bunch more questions that were submitted to us that we didn't have time to get to in this episode. So we'll be using those as social media fodder as well. So if we didn't get to your specific question, make sure to follow at least one of those social media accounts because we will be addressing them and like we mentioned throughout the episode, a lot of these are going to become full episodes in the future too. so

LizRyth  1:04:54  
and speaking of full episodes, our next episode is going to air on November* 14th we are going to be uploading every two weeks. So yeah, keep an eye out for us there and give us a follow so you can be notified when that happens.

Aradia  1:05:07  

Aradia  1:05:10  
Thank you so much for listening and for supporting the creation of this podcast. You can find the show notes for this episode at www.twobytorchlight.com along with episode archives, contact info, our press kit and more. We'll see you back here in two weeks for another episode.

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